Friday, 23 January 2015

Little Vintage Retro Kitchen Make Over

Hi Everyone,

well its a freezing one here today in Somerset we don't get many frost's in this part of the country but boy there is a hard frost this morning Milly, Kia and Ted did not want to go for their first early morning walk of the day but they are now snuggled and cosy in their beds :-)

I have been dying to show you something this week but had to wait well I was hoping for a shelf to go up but I am still having to wait for that so thought I would go ahead and show you my little kitchen make over. You remember I shared that on News Years Day my 60's Kitchen wall cabinet fell off the wall and smashed my cooker and most of my vintage crockery that was housed inside. Well I managed to get a new cooker from the insurance company and I thought I would go for Gas instead of Electric now I have never cooked on Gas before and I have to be honest and say I hated it for the first few days. I had to go and buy new oven trays as its a lot smaller than my other cooker and instead of having 2 ovens I now only have 1 but the fun part is that I have a pull out grill at the top :-) I don't have a microwave or a toaster I am not into to many mod cons. We have the cooker and grill for cooking food on and doing toast and if I want to defrost food I do it over night in the fridge or in a bowl of boiling water to be honest its more fun that way to. I even managed to make a Victoria sponge first time this week to so I am even more in love with it now :-) Anyway what to do now the cabinet is smashed and the wall in bad shape.... hunt and buy some vintage 1970's funky wallpaper and get my painter and decorator husband to hang it for me :-)

I managed to find a whole unused roll of 1970's Wallpaper in shades of orange and green. But do you know the amazing thing is its the same......

As our Vintage wallpaper that we put in our Bertie Caravan last year except Bertie's paper is orange and Blue.

So the kitchen started off like this...
And then looked like this...

Horrible repaired and filled in wall where my lovely cabinet used to be....

 And now it looks like this :-) 70's wall paper on the wall my new old style Gas cooker which looks and fits in much better to my vintage themed kitchen. I love the 50's but I also love the 60s and the patterns of the 70's to so my home and kitchen are a collection of all 3 decades well my take on it.

I still have my other 60's glass wall cabinet the other side as you can see here and I love it now i spend so much time in my kitchen as i love to cook and bake you can always find me making something in here if its not cakes its chutney or jam :-)

For those that have followed my over the years you know i collect Taunton Vale my clock now takes pride of place this side of the kitchen and my friend gave me this kitchen roll holder a few months ago but i never had anywhere to put it i do now :-)

I love all the designs and patterns from the 60's and 70's.

And this is the other side of my Kitchen our dining area :-) I do love it.

My little collection of vintage animal figures sits on a shelf just by the back door its rather full now but there is always room for one more when i find them :-)

I think Retro is a bit like Marmite you either love it or hate it thankfully i LOVE IT :-)

Right time for a slice of cake with my homemade Blackberry jam inside and a catch up in blogland.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last blog i really appreciate you taking the time to read and for leaving a comment.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Hugs Dee xx

 Leave you with a photo of  Milly and Kia playing in the Sea and the Surf at Saunton Sands last weekend :-) Ted was just watching from a safe distance :-)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Crash, Bang, wallop

Hi Everyone,

thought I had better check in and say Happy New Year to you all. We had a lovely Christmas, time spent with family and friends is always precious. I had both my boys home which was wonderful but blink and its now all past and this year is stretching before me a blank canvas waiting to be painted :-)

I haven't been feeling very well since my gallbladder removal it took 2 weeks for the swelling and bruising to go down and then I started to get a sore throat and then a chest infection and then to top it all I have been in intense pain with my ribs and the muscles in my side and they started to lock into spasm last week. A trip to hospital and another night stay turning out that I had a nasty virus and pulled muscles in between my ribs I cant tell you what the pain is like It stops you in your tracks. I have had both my hips corrected and that was painful but give me childbirth over this pain any day. I cant hoover or iron its taken all my effort to get up in the morning. I managed to take the dogs for a short walk yesterday ( Yes all 3 ) but then was left in chronic pain with my back to :-( Its so frustrating as I have so much that I want to do in the house but cant I am also supposed to be starting to volunteer in my local brainwave shop for a few hours on a Monday but that's on hold as well until I am feeling well enough.

Then on New Years Day I finely managed to get into the kitchen to prepare and cook a meal I moved the potatoes across the cooker top and turned them off then all hell broke loose. My 1950's glass wall cabinet decided to come off the wall above the cooker. It all happened so quickly I don't know if I stepped back but I must have done but the bloody cabinet caught my right arm and wrist as it came flying off the wall. I have a lovely bruise all the way down my arm and that aches to. But the worst thing of all lots of my lovely vintage items are no more :-( My cooker has been written off but there is a new one arriving today ( thanks to insurance ). I lost Taunton Vale canisters, plates, bowls my beautiful collection of 1950's drinking glasses, Tureens, Trifle bowls, Teapots, jugs and sugar bowl but the worst of all It smashed my pride and joy the lid on my 1950's American red plastic canisters that took me years to find I was so upset. Also my cabinet is no more either. My other half said I didn't make a noise but the noise that erupted by it flying off the wall my god It was terrible. Normally my girl Milly is right behind me to but she didn't move from her bed thank God. On reflection it could have been a lot worse I could have been hit by the cabinet or scolded by the boiling water as it was it was all material things that got damaged and I have to be thankful.

Out of everything that got damaged this upset me the most my 1950's American canister :-(

Friends have said that I can enjoy the hunt again for things but sadly some of those items I wont be able to find again its getting harder to find vintage goodies at good prices well in my part of the world it is. But its made me realise that I have to much anyway and probably needed to down size. But I will look out for a couple of things when funds allow.

I am sorry this post seems so gloomy I am hoping next time I check in 2015 will have started to get brighter :-)

Now its time to start to painting that blank canvas that is the new year :-)

Hoping 2015 will shine with wonderful memories for you all,

Love and Hugs Dee xx