Tuesday, 14 July 2015

As this blog ends a new journey begins

Hi Everyone,

goodness its been a while since I was here and so much has happened over the past few months I don't know where to start really. But back in February the house we were moving to fell through we signed the papers on the Saturday and then on the Sunday we found ourselves outside my dream cottage and home. A friend of my husbands asked us to meet him at an address as he was clearing a house and there may be a few things that I might like. We turn up at the address and my jaw hits the floor when we pull up outside this gorgeous little cottage called Hazelmere built in the 1950's as a gift by the daughter's parents and given to her on her wedding day. The happy couple lived there all there lives until sadly Bill died a few years ago and Dil kept having falls and is now living in a nursing home. The cottage has remained empty for the past 2 and half years and nothing has changed there in all those years its like a little time warp, with open fires, a front and back room and it even has a walk in larder I just walked around it and its 2.5 acres of land in a bit of a daze falling more and more in love with it. We joked about renting it there and then but nothing came of it until 2 months ago when we happened to drive past it and it looked so sad and lonely and so over grown I just wanted to wrap my arms around it and bring it back to life. We had since found out it had been left to my husbands friends wife and her sister and brothers. So to cut a long story short 2 months ago I emailed them asking if it was at all possible if we could rent it for 2 years and that we would be prepared to do all the interior and exterior decoration and work for a slightly reduced rent. I said how much I adored it and wanted to bring it back to love and life. That as a little girl its the house I always dreamed one day I would like to live in that I had found my prince charming and that Hazelmere would be another fairy tale and dream for me. That I would give up my life assured tenancy to live the dream for 2 years. My husbands friend has since decided to buy it from the family as a buy to rent for us and its still going through and is now in the hands of the bank.

Since this time we have been given permission to start clearing the vegetable patch and making it into our own now the grass when we started was up to our knees. Also at the same time I was finely given an allotment space after having my name down on a waiting list. I was torn between the 2 which did I start.....my friends husband said to start up at Hazelmere so that's what we have done its been a little roller coaster of a ride the past few months but I am a huge believer in Fate and things being meant to be. I also found a sampler while on a trip to Bath with some friends and have this week finished it and had it framed ready to go in the hallway of our new home. I am hoping now its finished it will be the positive omen I believe it to be. And the allotment is currently on hold.

And to be honest this is where I am going to end this blog  Vintage Retro Delights evolved from Dee Dees Vintage Retro Delights and I feel I have given all I can here. My life has changed in so many positive ways since I first starting blogging 5 years ago and I have been so lucky to have made some great friends from it. Its changed a lot since and a lot of bloggers I first followed have since stopped blogging and I lost a lot of followers when I had to delete my other blog over night. And now I feel its time to start another journal and have just set up another blog called Dee Dees Vegetable Patch Diary's and Others Tales you can find it here http://deedeesvegetablepatchdiarys.blogspot.co.uk/

I have decided to step away from the Vintage scene a bit I will still be organising my Vintage and Handmade Fairs in Taunton but only 3 a year and I will no longer be selling vintage goodies on line or selling at many fairs. I will instead be sharing my vegetable patch journey along with our fingers crossed house move to Hazelmere and its transformation ( Of course it will all be vintage and I have been squirreling 60s and 70s wallpaper away I will never stop loving or using everything vintage its a way of life for me ) And other tales of beach and woodland walks with our hounds I suppose it will be a lot more personal.

The Good life is calling and my little small holding is waiting in the wings just to be given the nod. I hope you will join me over on my new blog  (link is above )  And enjoy sharing the next chapter with me.

Thank you everyone for visiting me and taking the time to leave comments over the years.

I will leave this blog open but this will be my last post here.

Best wishes to you all

Love and hugs Dee xx