Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Opps another 60's Larder and some Vintage Finds

Hi Everyone,

thought I would check in with you again the weeks are going by so quickly already. I am glad we are into February already though the nights are already drawing out and its still light at 5pm :-) I am not a winter person I feel the cold and it effects my joints I live with a condition called fibromyalgia and the cold doesn't help at all I dream of warmer days which is probably why I always try and surround myself with colour in my home. And talking about home I have been busy the past few weeks sourcing out new vintage goodies for my home and also for my etsy shop and the Vintage fair's I will be selling at this year the first one being my own on the 1st March. You can view all my fair dates of the fairs that I run and organise further down my blog page.

Last year I managed to come across another 60's larder I love these gorgeous pieces of furniture and if I find one its hard to leave it there. This time I spied this one in some ones garage luckily my hubbys parents new the lady and asked if she wanted to sell it, she said yes and home it come well last week it did, its been sat in my parent in law's garage until now. Its now sat in our summer house waiting to have a magical make over by my lovely painter and decorator hubby.

This is such a sweet larder and the difference between this one and all my others is that its a slim one and not full size :-) So it will just fit right into any little corner you have. Its in lovely condition but next time you see her she will have been striped back and painted a lovely shade of red to go in my kitchen and also be lined inside with vintage wallpaper.

You can view her size better by having the front dropped. Cant wait to see her transformed :-)

I have had some lovely finds this year so far here are just a few items that I decided to keep for myself and not sell on.

This is a fabulous set of 6 Mugs made in the 1970's by Kiln Craft I just adore the colours and the designs. Click on the photo's and they will appear larger.

I found these last weekend and oh boy it was love at first sight 1970's enamel stock pots these are going into our Caravan Bertie just his colours :-)

This lovely Sunflowers Pyrex butter dish didn't make it out of my kitchen :-) I seem to have another collection going on and have gradually been collecting pyrex I will share my collection next time.

I was really pleased to find these 70's set of 6 glasses as it was my collection of 50's and 60's glasses that were smashed on news years day.

Another Taunton Vale Tray to add to my ever growing collection of Taunton Vale this is a colour design that I don't have but I do have the pattern in red on a canister.

Hornsea ware not something that I have collected or really looked at with any real interest until lately but I really do love the simple pattern on this Saffron Coffee Pot designed by John Clappison. I think there will be some more finding home with me.

And I couldn't resist this Taunton Vale work top resting tray. This was there signature pattern and called Daisy it comes in 4 different colour ways, orange, yellow, dark blue and light blue. This is my favourite design out of them all.

And that's it for this week but I do have lots of lovely vintage goodies listed in my etsy shop here at etsy.com/shop/VintageRetroDelights

All these lovely items are for sale in my etsy shop just click on the link above. Taunton Vale blue daisy design soap dish, 50's letter rack, 70's Pontessa tea pot,70's curtains, 50's empire small dessert bowls, 60's plastic canisters, 70's cups and saucers, 60's Strev Boy Print, 70's tea cup trios, 50's white ceramic swans, Taunton Vale rolling pin and 70's curtains.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post and also thank you for those that stop by and read my posts but don't leave comments its nice if you do though :-)

Have a lovely week,

Hugs dee xx