Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Its December already

Hi Everyone,

goodness its been a while since I was here I keep meaning to come back and then get side tracked. But today I am home resting after an operation on Thursday to remove my gallbladder which had a few naughty stones which have been giving me terrible pain. Still very sore and bruised actually I feel like I have been beaten up but I must not moan :-)

So what have I been up to since I was last here.....running my Vintage and Handmade Fairs and I seem to have gained 2 more greyhounds. Milly who is 4 and is a crazy loon and old boy Ted who is 12 and half and came in as a neglect case.  He is now doing so well with us has gained weight, in less pain and able to walk and stand up right and is a right cheeky chap who slinks about the place he is indeed now our Black Beauty in fact he is huge :-) My Fairs seem to be going well and we just had our lovely Christmas one it was such a nice day and I think it got everyone in the mood for the count down to our festive time of the year. My eldest son has also just celebrated his 18th Birthday how it came round so soon I have no idea.

I have had a few recent buys not many but thought I would share a couple with you since having the dogs my long days out searching for goodies has taken a back seat. But thought you might like to see these...

Yummy Pyrex just right for Christmas with those gorgeous Autumn shades of Oranges and gold.

3 lovely Pyrex bowls :-)
A cute and Kitsch Little bowl with white poodle

A fabulous red and white stripy Vintage Windbreak just right for Bertie

3 sweet tray liners 
And my best find my gorgeous lilac 1950s Prom Dress. I cant wait for an occasion to be able to wear it. Hopefully I wont have to wait to long :-)
I have promised myself that in the new year I will start hunting again with regular time out so watch this space so to speak.
I will leave you all now with a photo of me and my little pack on the beach a few weeks ago  Kia our brindle girl 11yrs, Ted 12 and half yrs Black Beauty and Mad Milly black and white girl 4 yrs old. They do love a run on a clear beach and so do I :-)
Have a lovely week everyone.
Love and hugs Dee xx


  1. I know! It's come quickly hasn't it? Mind you, you've been busy this year so no wonder it's come around so fast. Blimey, love you even managed to fit in an operation!!! Hope you're feeling loads better and I hope you have an occasion to wear that beautiful dress very soon. Much love to everyone.

  2. Your brood are gorgeous and lucky to have found you.
    I LOVE that dress ... will look wonderful on you.
    M x

  3. Lovely to see you back in blogland Dee
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Dee, I hope you're recovering well.
    Great to hear from you on my blog (I've replied).
    I love those Pyrex dishes! My taste seems to be swaying towards the 70s now.

    Really good to hear from you xxx

  5. Best wishes for a super speedy recovery! Hope that's the end of the stones for you now. I love your windbreak. Roll on summer! xx

  6. Pleased to hear that the op went well and you're safely on the other side. Love the pic of you and the brood and your finds are fab. Can't wait to see you in that pretty dress, its so you! xxx

  7. Good grief you have been busy and an operation as well! I'm very glad to hear it went well and you are recovering, take it steady as my Nan would say.

    Love your new babies. x

  8. Oh my goodness that dress is perfection and your ever growing family of Dogs is beautiful. I hope you heal up fast and our on your feet before you know it.

  9. Hope you are recovering well after your op, Dee. That last pic of you and the gang on the beach is fantastic!
    Gorgeous finds, the lilac prom dress is a real beauty! xxx