Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hi Everyone,

I don't know if anyone is still out there but looking at my feeds I see that people do visit even though they don't leave a comment so I have decided to keep writing in this little space of mine. So its now September don't know where the summer went I feel like I blinked and it just vanished. Time certainly goes very quickly the older you get, which has made me realise there are dreams and plans that I really want to try and action. Our lives have changed hugely over the past few months and I have suddenly found that I have loads of freedom no longer needed so much as a mum or a carer. So the wheels have been turning inside my head and I decided to try and start making my dreams come true. After re designing and doing up  Bertie our lovely caravan and spending some time away in him it made us realise how little you do need in your live material things that is and how much life and freedom there is still to be had. Life has been a little roller coaster over the past couple of years and its made me realise that its the simple life I want ( I know that must be the same for everyone ) But its time for change and that's what I have started to put into action.

My lovely old dansette record player symbolises peacefulness and calm and that's what's needed, I no longer want to get pushed along with the rest of the world I want to step back further. So what is our dream........

Dear old Bertie is our Dream......

We want to buy or rent a plot of land and to buy a 40foot Static Caravan and completely gut it and furnish it and design it with all our own furniture and bits and bobs like we have done with Bertie but this time it will be our home for the next 10 years. On the land we want to have a small holding with chickens, a pig, a couple of goats and a couple of alpacas and fruit trees and a large vegetable plot. Along with our greyhounds I say hounds because in time when I have finished grieving for Midi we will get another friend for Kia.  It seems a bit silly seeing it written down and I am sure there will be people reading this and thinking isn't that the life everyone wants? and that maybe so but dreams can come true if you only work for them.

So I have gone through my loft and my house and made a list of everything I can live without. Sorted all my stock out and decided that I am no longer going to be selling at vintage fairs. For me its to much work for very little profit. So 2 weeks ago with advice from a lovely friend of mine that has just sold her house and all her vintage wares ( and there were many after being a dealer for many years ) she sold the entire contents of her house she has now moved abroad to start teaching English. A very brave move but one filled with joy and excitement and freedom she is now living the dream :-) I set up an online Etsy shop to sell my vintage wares. You can find it here at etsy.com/shop/VintageRetroDelights every week I will be listing new items for sale and all the funds will be going away in my saving pot to realise our dream. I know its going to take a while but everyone has to start somewhere :-) So far I have received really good sales but I have been advertising and sharing things I list each week on different sites on face book and it seems to have helped.  I have also been selling at a carboot sale once a week every little bit helps :-)

Just a few things listed in my shop to buy although the Trio set has now Sold and also the purple Vanity case is now Sold.

Just to give you more of an idea these lovely bags are also listed for sale but the 1940's Black patent one is now Sold.

As you can see there are Vintage home-wares for sale along with handbags and also a few ladies Clothes :-) These were listed last week but already the Pink flower dress top left, blue dress top middle, blue and white dress middle left and the 60's little dress bottom middle have already Sold :-)

I listed all these items yesterday these are the start of this weeks items for sale but over night both pairs of shoes have now Sold :-)

So that's the start of realising our dream and I am focused and feeling positive for the first time in months. No further need for tears just focus and drive on realising the next chapter of our journey through life. Exciting Yes, Scary Yes especially when you have been a collector and hoarder but its all just things and you cant take them when you go to the other side. Enjoy the little things in life simple things can give much more pleasure...

So feeling a little naked after sharing all that but seeing it in black and white makes it a little bit more real to :-)

Take care everyone,

Love and hugs Dee xx


  1. Wow, what a fantastic plan. Are you going to sell your house? I hope it works out and I will definitely be keeping an eye on your Etsy shop xx

  2. Hello Dee,

    How thrilling it was to see your post pop up in our dashboard!

    Such exciting times you have been having and we are delighted for you that everything seems to be working out well. So much change has taken place that it is great that you are now feeling more settled and making plans for the future.

    Your ideas for the static caravan do sound ambitious and it will be a very different life. But, you have made the first steps, and the easy shop looks such fun. We have always thought that you are very hard working so we have no doubt that. Your plans will be realised one day!

    It is so strange but we were thinking of you just the other day and wondering how you were getting on......

  3. Your plan sounds perfect for you, Dee, and starting your Etsy shop means you are working towards it. Well done, it's easy enough to have a dream, but you are thinking of practical ways to make it happen, and that's truly admirable. Keep going! xxx

  4. Its good to have a plan! Mine has always been to spend at least a month in India every year and by selling vintage I can still satisfy my urge to shop. xxx

  5. Living simpler is where it's at, Dee!! :-]

  6. Exciting... May your wish come true...Live your dream!! I had a similar wish but my body had other ideas... so I have settled for an allotment and a Housing Association bungalow... my dream now is to have a stable spine!

  7. Perfect plan, darling and I know you and John and the boys will make it happen. What a team! I'm with you all the way onthe simple life too, and dreams do come true when make them happen.
    Can't wait to see yu soon.
    Loads of love

  8. You brave woman, I salute you. I have a friend who bought a canal boat engine and built the boat to go round it (she was a carpenter I hasten to add!) She lived on it for a few years but has now sold the boat and bought a small holding and is blissfully happy.

    Here's to wonderful dreams and goals. x

  9. I always love visiting you...you inspire me so much. Love all your lovely photos today. I visited a sweet restaurant in my area and thought of you...you would of loved all the vintage tables/chairs and decorations. Hugs to you.

  10. You go girl!! What a fabulous plan and I can't wait to follow you and John in your dream of peace and contentment! Much love xxxx