Thursday, 14 August 2014

Vintage Retro Delights is now on Etsy

Hi Everyone,

just a short post from me I am having major problems with my laptop with pop up quiz things taking over and google has disappeared it has slowed down and doesn't allow me to type properly its a nightmare. ( its being looked at this weekend ) But I am planning on coming back after the summer and will be catching up with lots of reading. But I just wanted to say that I  am now on Etsy as from yesterday I am struggling to sell my vintage items at local fairs so thought I would give it a try not quite sure what im doing with it but I am sure it will all become clear.

You can find my etsy shop here at
I will be listing new stock every week so fingers crossed it works :-)

Just a few thing listed and ready to buy in the shop.

Well this simple post has taken me nearly hour stupid computer going to hit the print button before it crashes on me yet again.  Be back again soon.

Love and  hugs

Dee xx