Monday, 28 July 2014

Project Bertie Finished and ready for his first Trip

Hi everyone,

I know its been a while again but I am still here in the back ground. Its been a difficult few months but the one thing that has kept me focused is project Bertie and he is now finished :-) So I wanted to share him with you.

When we first bought him and started transforming him we had 2 beautiful Greyhounds but very sadly 4 weeks ago my beautiful black and white boy Midi had to go and live with the angels. His epilepsy started to get worse and he had a really bad episode where he fitted for a whole day and night on and off. We thought he had made it through the night but he sadly had another fit at 5am and he struggled to come round we had to then make the decision to let him go. Its been a really difficult few weeks for me and I miss him so very much my heart breaks every day when I think about him but we have Kia our 10 year old girl to keep us focused.

So when we started Bertie we needed plenty of space inside him for Midi and Kia so we took him from a 4 berth to a 2 berth. We stripped everything out of him apart from some of the fitted top wall cupboards towards the back and we also kept the toilet cupboard and made it into a wardrobe and an area to keep the fridge. You can see the before photo's on my last post. So here goes your either going to love him or hate him as he is so Retro but we love him he's just like the inside of our house :-) If you click on the photo's they will appear larger for you.

We used original 1970's wallpaper on the door and also inside on the walls
We used Orange and cream as our main colours and fitted him out with 1 of our 60's kitchen larders and small unit which my hubby had to cut and build around the wheel arch.
This was a 50's blue formica topped unit but the formica had faded and was very scratched so we put black and white tiles on the top to tie it together with the floor.
We put my 50's sideboard where the old sink and cooking station were ( as were going to cook outside) and also I had to have one of my 50's glass door cabinets above.
We had new foam and seats made from cream leatherette with orange piping and buttons we wanted the 50's style bristo look.I also made the crochet square blanket at the back :-)
We added a cream table and a silver leg this is the area where we will sleep to. As the seats convert to a double bed.
I made all the cushion from Vintage Fabrics including the curtains. I also made both the circle and straight lined crochet cushion covers :-) I enjoyed doing those.
He is so spacious and cosy I cant wait to start filling him with all the things we love :-)
I bought this 70's rug from a friend as she is selling up and moving abroad the colours just work brilliantly and it adds a cosy air to Bertie.
We are having a 2/ 6 foot wind breaks being made from some 70's breathable mats we found and also an orange canvas canopy made which will attach to the outside of him. We have bought a 70's tent for the boys to sleep in. We also have a fabulous orange 70's cooking station for outside I cant wait to set him all up. We go away in a weeks time so I will take lots of photo's and share him again in a few weeks time.
Hope you love him has much as we do :-)
Have a lovely week everyone and see you soon
Love and hugs dee xx


  1. Wow - looking fab - can't wait to see everything all set out for your hols.

    Sorry to hear about your sad loss :( xx

  2. Absolutely beautiful Dee! You have both worked really hard.

    Such sad news about and hugs to you xx

    I hope your boys are well.

    I love looking at your retro photos, thanks for sharing.

    Mandy x

  3. My goodness, what a transformation! Bertie looks brilliant, you and John have done a fabulous job.
    So sad about Midi, but you made the final part of his life very happy and full of love, so I hope that is some comfort when you miss him. xxxxx

  4. I'm sad about Midi, I'm so glad I got to see him for real and that you and Jon gave him a loving and happy final chapter to his life. He couldn't have been more loved.
    Bertie is incredible, i love him. George Clark needs to be told. xxx

  5. This looks amazing. I'm so impressed with the transformation. I would love to buy and rennovate a 70's caravan if ony we had the outdoor space. So sorry about Midi but you're right about having something else to focus on xx

  6. Oh Dee I'm so sorry to hear about Midi but what a happy old age he had with you all.

    How amazing does Bertie look? I am in complete awe of you both. x x

  7. I'm so sorry about Midi, i'm sure he knows that he had the best Mother in the world and loved and appreciated everything you did for him. Bertie is absolutely amazing and actually reminds me off my old dolls house form the seventies'. It had the same floors and wallpaper.

  8. Love, adore and want a Bertie of my own!
    So sorry to read about your poor doggy Dee, as a dog lover I know how heart breaking Midi's loss would be for you (all).
    Take care and happy travels in Bertie xxx

  9. Bertie looks amazing, I've really enjoyed watching the process. You and your hubby are perfect together; you have a dream and he helps,to make it happen. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your trips. I'm so sorry about Midi, I know how it hurts. Xxx

  10. Bit late to this post but so sorry to read about Midi ...
    Bertie is amazing. It looks just fabulous. I am very envious!
    M x

  11. What a transformation. It's brilliant.
    Love from Mum