Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Project Bertie

Hi everyone,

I know its been such a long time but thought I would drop in and write a post about our new project we are working on right now. A month ago we bought ourselves a lovely  1970's 4 berth caravan who we have called Bertie. He is very special to us being our first and we have set ourselves a target of trying to get him ready for July.

Like our home and our love for all things 50's,60's and 70's we have completely stripped him so we can have a blank canvas and fill him with all the things we love and the style that suits us best.

So please say hello to Bertie :-)

 And inside before we started ripping things out

 As you can see he was very boring and very brown.  We wanted to create more space so we decided to make him into a 2 berth instead of a 4 so we had room for Midi and Kia our Greyhounds.

So we took up the carpet and stripped out the tall cupboard and also the single chair towards the back of Bertie that would have made up into a bed. We also stripped out the kitchen sink, fridge and cooker and also the toilet.

After ripping out the large cupboard we replaced it with one of our 1960's larder cupboards that we had collected only problem being we had to build it up and around the wheel arch.

Then we stripped the kitchen unit out which consisted of the fridge, cooker and sink unit as we have decided we would like to cook outside  that way we have a little more space but can also enjoy the outside experience of cooking and preparing a meal :-)

So out came the kitchen unit to be replaced with my lovely 1950's kitchen sideboard.

Again we have had to built it up and around the wheel arch.

We are now onto the painting and have undercoated all the units and cupboards. The toilet area we have ripped out the toilet and we are going to turn it into a cupboard with hanging space for our clothes and a lovely new fridge will also go in there.

This is how Bertie is looking today

We have undercoated everything. You can see the main part of our colour scheme here a lovely shade of orange :-) I will share the vintage fabrics and other colours etc next time. You will also spy above the 50's kitchen sideboard a 1950's kitchen wall cupboard :-) I had to have one in him.

I will share the colour for the walls on this post though..

I have managed to buy 2 full roles of 1970's original wallpaper made by crown this will be going on all the wall's of Bertie and also on the door so when its wide open you get a nice taste of what's inside :-)

I have been busy making cushions and curtains from vintage fabrics and also making some pretty crochet items to but will share those next time. I have also been having fun buying lots of lovely vintage accessories for him again I will share those soon.

So does this mean I am back I am not sure will just run this post and see how I feel.

Have a lovely week everyone,

Hugs dee xx