Friday, 21 February 2014

Its the end of the road...

Hi Everyone,

first i want to say a huge thank you to everyone that left such kind messages and support on my last post i am sorry i haven't emailed you privately but please take this as a  huge thank you and a personal message to you all. I have now deleted the post as i was uncomfortable with it being there but it really helped me at the time by sharing. All i will say is that things took a turn for the worst last week and we now have a full support care package involved so that is a huge positive and hopefully the only way now is forwards.

On a different note i have decided to call it day with writing my blog i have kind of fallen out of love with it which will probably come as no surprise to some of you that have been following me from the start. When i started writing my old blog dee dee's vintage Retro Delights 6 and half years ago i was at a point in my life when i was starting off collecting vintage i was a single parent and i stumbled upon this amazing community of people since then as my confidence has grown and my friendships to i have been able to branch out and my love for collecting Vintage turned into me selling it and then into organizing my own Vintage and Handmade Fairs and i have my blog and all you lovely ladies to thank for that. So my blog name will come with me and i have decided to set up a new facebook page where i will be sharing my love for all things Vintage, my finds, little corners of my home, Items i have for sale and will be taking with me to the fairs to sell. A list of vintage fairs that you can find me at as well as advertising my own Vintage and Handmade fair's.

 I will still pop in from time to time to see what you are all doing though :-)

So if you fancy joining me on the next chapter, you can find me here on Face book on my new page Vintage Retro Delights

Or if you feel you would like to just keep up with my fairs that i Organize and maybe come along and say hello then you can find them here at

So i think all that is left for me to say is thank you for giving me the opportunity to share in a little part of your lives for your friendships and for giving me the confidence to grow and develop and for helping me to achieve my goals and to be doing something that i love......Vintage Rules :-)  

Take lots of care everyone,

Love and Hugs Dee xxxx


  1. Hello Dee,
    We have been absent ourselves for more than a year and so quite understand all that you say here. Although we do not know the nature of your recent troubles, not having seen your post, we are distressed to hear that you have been having an unhappy time and do hope that things are starting to look better for you. We shall miss you, having made a return to the Blogosphere ourselves yesterday(!!), but wish you both happiness and good fortune in all that you do.

  2. I'm glad we were able to help and that you're receiving the care you deserve, hopefully things will calm down and get better for all of you soon.
    Don't delete your blog, we'll miss you and you may feel differently in a few months. We can still have blogging day trips even if your having a rest, I hope! xxxxx

  3. Thank you for letting us peep into your home and life. All the best for the future.
    Love from Mum

  4. I'm so relieved to hear you are going to get the support you need and I agree with Vix don't delete your blog. Wishing you lots of love and luck and see you on Facebook. x x

  5. Dee, so happy to hear things might be turning for the better. You will be missed my friend.

  6. Oh Dee, life sounds very frightening and stressful at the moment, but thank goodness you and your son are getting some support. He will get through this, but oh it does sound so, so difficult in the meantime.
    It's a shame that blogging is no longer for you, but I'll second the idea of keeping the blog and not deleting it, you never know whether you might change your mind after a break from it. I'll miss you. Good luck, stay happy, and hope we get to meet up again sometime. xxxx

  7. Oh Dee I'm so sorry I have missed your posts while I was away. I have no idea whats been going on, but I for one have enjoyed your blog so much. I love your style & your lovely personality. I'm glad we can keep in touch via facebook. I hope whatever the situation is that things improve soon. Much love. Xx

  8. Wishing you all the best for you and your son. I hope this difficult time passes.
    As for the blog, we'll miss you but it's led to better things for you and there's no point doing it if it's a chore. Best wishes for the future Dee. xxx

  9. I'm write there with you.....I too have fallen out of love with blogging but I love all of the wonderful friends that I have met on the journey.....Keep in touch, love Heidi

  10. Dee: I will be very sad if you delete your blog. You are one of the nicest people I have encountered in the blog world. Please be well, and I wish you the best in all you do. Try to keep in touch. Cheers!

  11. My dear Dee
    Very sorry to hear that life has difficult - I missed the previous post but I do sincerely wish you all the best. Kind and caring people deserve kindness and care in return. I hope that life treats you kindly
    Best wishes

  12. Dee, I wanted to say how much I'll miss your blog. You and your blog have always been a favourite read for me, and hope you and your "boys" will come through this difficult time. I have lost interest in blogging too, but try and keep going if only because I don't have to ring my sister. LOL. I hope and wish you the best and thanks for the lovely blog.