Friday, 24 January 2014

My vintage inspired kitchen and our new addition

Hi Everyone,

well its been a very busy few weeks here and i haven't had a chance to do much posting or popping round to you. We invited a new addition into our home on Monday but more about that later in the post. I wanted to share my nearly completed kitchen. As you know its been a long time coming. I have been gathering 50's kitchen units and cupboards for a year or 2 now but due to the size of the kitchen i wasn't able to use some of the free standing units that i wanted to as it would have meant i would have lost work surface space and i couldn't afford to do that. So my compromise was have new front doors fitted with a slight rounded edge and take down the wall units and replace them with my 50's wall cabinets. This is the result.....

This is the before photo blue cupboards that i hated

To this new doors made and painted red with silver halfmoon shaped handles and then 2 50's glass cabinets on the walls to replace the horrible blue ones. I love it now. So this is one side and then at the other side of the room is this....

Its so warm and bright and just what i wanted its a great space to spend time in and as i am always baking its the room i spent most of my time in.

One of my shelves in the kitchen home to some of my goodies this will be replaced with a 50's wall cabinet when i can find a small one.

This little shelf is home to collection to my 50's and 60's animal figures

Inside one of my wall cabinets

The other side

Everything i use in my kitchen is either from the 50's,60's or 70's

Some of my storage collection you will spy some Taunton Vale here

Worcester ware canisters

Taunton Vale book stand

My 50's egg stand and 70's enamel pot which is home to my dogs medication.

More of my vintage storage

My 70's spice rack

And a few more Freds :-)

Just a little glimpse for you i have so much in my kitchen i would be here all day trying to share it all.  I would like to replace the wall tiles at some point this year. And as to all my free standing 50's units my lovely Hubby is hoping to build me a porch on the back of the house so they will go in there :-)

And well to our  new addition. You all know we have Midi and Kia the greyhounds well we have been searching for the past few months for a little girl to join us and i am so happy to say that we have found her :-) So please say hello to Lulu our little Whippet cross greyhound girl.

She is only 2 and a very playful little girl she came into our home like a little whirl wind and is so much fun and so cuddly and tiny compared to Midi and Kia. They excepted her so well and have been brilliant. So its fair to say our little family is now complete :-) She was found as a stray and had recently given birth to puppies sadly we don't know what happened to them. She is a little under weight and has sore skin but this will soon change after lots of tender loving care.

Midi, Kia and Lulu :-)

I couldn't not share this one with you her new coat arrived on Weds and she looks far to cute :-)

She was spayed yesterday and is feeling very subdued today but she has eaten some chicken and is resting hopefully she will be back to her manic little self tomorrow :-)

Thank you to everyone that left lovely comments on my last post i will pop over to everyone this afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs dee xx


  1. Hi Delia and a Happy Belated New Year!
    Your kitchen looks amazing, and it must have taken some dedicated hunting to find all that lovely 50s and 60s china!
    Lulu is adorable!
    Have a great weekend Delia
    Gill xx

  2. Dee your kitchen is beautiful, it certainly make you want to get up in the mornings, and a wonderful place to create lovely meals
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. oh she is such a cutie and her new coat is so pretty! I love the kitchen too and adore the little animal collection on the little red shelf. Have a great day!!! :)

  4. Welcome to Lulu!! :-] And I love your new colorful kitchen cabinets too!

  5. I love your kitchen! So bright and warm and colourful. Isn't Lulu a little smasher?

  6. Your kitchen is a triumph! Full of all the wonderful things that make you happy. That to me is what makes a home. I love the shiny red on the kitchen cupboards so bright and uplifting. Better than a lot of the modern dross that you see everywhere. Your Fred's though are my favourites looking rather cheeky on top of the unit.

    Aww Lulu looks adorable so sweet you have your hands full with three dogs but what fun you must have with them. Hope she feels better soon after her little op.

    P x

  7. Wow loving your new red kitchen!! What a lucky girl the lovely Lulu is too... I'd love to give a home to a little whippet if I'm ever able to get out and walk regularly again... I miss doggie company. Smiles Cass x

  8. First you dazzle us with your gorgeous kitchen, I love the RED!!!! Oh my goodness you could never be in a bad mood while in that kitchen. Then you show is your darling new girl, she is a beauty, and I am so glad she has landed in the perfect home.
    Hugs to you Dee,

  9. Your kitchen looks wonderful, Dee - not only the bright warm colour scheme, but all the fabulous vintage kitchenware, I love it all.
    And welcome to Miss Lulu - she's found a lovely family to take care of her, lucky girl! xxx

  10. Dee, that is one of the nicest kitchens I have ever seen. I showed my wife and she wants to visit you!

  11. I am GARGLING with desire and envy over your gloriarse kitchen, darling!! OMG!
    O, and then you make me smiley and watery eyed with those lovely pooches!

  12. Oh you're killing me with those pics of your kitchen. It is truly the best kitchen I have ever seen!!! SO much to look at. I would love to sit & have a cuppa & soak it all up. The red looks amazing, & the wall cabinets suit the space so well. I hope Lulu continues to feel right at home. Much love. Xx

  13. You have some lovely ceramics and animal figurines. And yesterday I bought the exact same pink Pyrex dish from a charity shop!

  14. I do love the retro look and you have pulled it off fabulously

  15. Oh my your kitchen is just adorable! Plus I love your dishes. Happy new week to you.

  16. Hi Delia
    So pleased I've found your lovely blog :)
    Thanks for your kind comments.....if you would like more details about my magazine please feel free to email
    Would love more details about your vintage fairs!
    Tilly x

  17. I love your new kitchen, it's retro but bang up to date, too! The colours make me feel so happy, I'd want to spend all day in there. So many vintage lovelies to drool over, too!
    You've both done a wonderful job transforming it!
    Hello to klulu, isn't she a beauty. I bet the other two are thrilled! xxxx

  18. Those new cabinets are so pretty and cheerful! Also love your doggies, they look so sweet...

  19. Wow! It looks sooo good. One massive vote for colourful kitchens! xx