Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My little Etsy Shop

Hi Everyone,

only a short post from me today I just wanted to draw attention for you that didn't know to my little etsy shop. I have some beautiful vintage goodies for sale and some lovely gift items to. I have listed some lovely vintage goodies this week and there all looking for new homes.

You can find my shop here at etsy.com/shop/VintageRetroDelights Although it says in the shop that I only post inside the UK I am happy to post abroad just send me an email within the shop and ask me.

This week I have listed all these gorgeous goodies...

If you see something you like click on the shop link above and it will take you there all these items and more can be viewed and brought in my little shop.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post,

I am healing well but have now come down with a chest and throat infection so not feeling great and coughing is not helping the pain in my tummy but hey ho must not grumble.

Enjoy your week everyone,

Love and hugs dee xx

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Its December already

Hi Everyone,

goodness its been a while since I was here I keep meaning to come back and then get side tracked. But today I am home resting after an operation on Thursday to remove my gallbladder which had a few naughty stones which have been giving me terrible pain. Still very sore and bruised actually I feel like I have been beaten up but I must not moan :-)

So what have I been up to since I was last here.....running my Vintage and Handmade Fairs and I seem to have gained 2 more greyhounds. Milly who is 4 and is a crazy loon and old boy Ted who is 12 and half and came in as a neglect case.  He is now doing so well with us has gained weight, in less pain and able to walk and stand up right and is a right cheeky chap who slinks about the place he is indeed now our Black Beauty in fact he is huge :-) My Fairs seem to be going well and we just had our lovely Christmas one it was such a nice day and I think it got everyone in the mood for the count down to our festive time of the year. My eldest son has also just celebrated his 18th Birthday how it came round so soon I have no idea.

I have had a few recent buys not many but thought I would share a couple with you since having the dogs my long days out searching for goodies has taken a back seat. But thought you might like to see these...

Yummy Pyrex just right for Christmas with those gorgeous Autumn shades of Oranges and gold.

3 lovely Pyrex bowls :-)
A cute and Kitsch Little bowl with white poodle

A fabulous red and white stripy Vintage Windbreak just right for Bertie

3 sweet tray liners 
And my best find my gorgeous lilac 1950s Prom Dress. I cant wait for an occasion to be able to wear it. Hopefully I wont have to wait to long :-)
I have promised myself that in the new year I will start hunting again with regular time out so watch this space so to speak.
I will leave you all now with a photo of me and my little pack on the beach a few weeks ago  Kia our brindle girl 11yrs, Ted 12 and half yrs Black Beauty and Mad Milly black and white girl 4 yrs old. They do love a run on a clear beach and so do I :-)
Have a lovely week everyone.
Love and hugs Dee xx

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dee Dee's Vintage and Handmade Autumn Fair

Hi Everyone,

thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. So much has happened since then we have spent a lovely week in Portugal and adopted another Greyhound a lovely little girl called Molly, and spent time away in our lovely vintage caravan Bertie. But time seems to always run away from me and I will share those  little events with you next time. This time i am just checking in to let you all know ( well those of you that live in the West Country of England ) that its soon time for my Autumn Fair.

So if you are looking for somewhere to go this Saturday 11th October then why not pop along to our Vintage and handmade Autumn Fair at Trull Memorial Hall, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 7JZ. Doors open at 10am and close at 3pm.

We have some Fabulous seller's joining us again and each one completely different from one another so there will be a wonderful collection of unique items for sale. A great friendly place to come and maybe start your Christmas shopping ( I know i said the dreaded C word ) always lovely to buy something unique and handmade instead of shopping in the usual high street shops.

We Also have the fabulous Belle's Cosy Crochet Corner where you can learn the basic art of Crochet for free :-)

And also the fabulous  Sally Light with her wonderful and Unique Bicycling Button Museum.

Alongside our lovely Tea room which will be serving scrummy homemade cakes and refreshments ( where all the funds go to Brainwave )

Be lovely to see you there if you are able :-)

I will pop back again soon so bye for now,

Love and Hugs Dee xx

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hi Everyone,

I don't know if anyone is still out there but looking at my feeds I see that people do visit even though they don't leave a comment so I have decided to keep writing in this little space of mine. So its now September don't know where the summer went I feel like I blinked and it just vanished. Time certainly goes very quickly the older you get, which has made me realise there are dreams and plans that I really want to try and action. Our lives have changed hugely over the past few months and I have suddenly found that I have loads of freedom no longer needed so much as a mum or a carer. So the wheels have been turning inside my head and I decided to try and start making my dreams come true. After re designing and doing up  Bertie our lovely caravan and spending some time away in him it made us realise how little you do need in your live material things that is and how much life and freedom there is still to be had. Life has been a little roller coaster over the past couple of years and its made me realise that its the simple life I want ( I know that must be the same for everyone ) But its time for change and that's what I have started to put into action.

My lovely old dansette record player symbolises peacefulness and calm and that's what's needed, I no longer want to get pushed along with the rest of the world I want to step back further. So what is our dream........

Dear old Bertie is our Dream......

We want to buy or rent a plot of land and to buy a 40foot Static Caravan and completely gut it and furnish it and design it with all our own furniture and bits and bobs like we have done with Bertie but this time it will be our home for the next 10 years. On the land we want to have a small holding with chickens, a pig, a couple of goats and a couple of alpacas and fruit trees and a large vegetable plot. Along with our greyhounds I say hounds because in time when I have finished grieving for Midi we will get another friend for Kia.  It seems a bit silly seeing it written down and I am sure there will be people reading this and thinking isn't that the life everyone wants? and that maybe so but dreams can come true if you only work for them.

So I have gone through my loft and my house and made a list of everything I can live without. Sorted all my stock out and decided that I am no longer going to be selling at vintage fairs. For me its to much work for very little profit. So 2 weeks ago with advice from a lovely friend of mine that has just sold her house and all her vintage wares ( and there were many after being a dealer for many years ) she sold the entire contents of her house she has now moved abroad to start teaching English. A very brave move but one filled with joy and excitement and freedom she is now living the dream :-) I set up an online Etsy shop to sell my vintage wares. You can find it here at etsy.com/shop/VintageRetroDelights every week I will be listing new items for sale and all the funds will be going away in my saving pot to realise our dream. I know its going to take a while but everyone has to start somewhere :-) So far I have received really good sales but I have been advertising and sharing things I list each week on different sites on face book and it seems to have helped.  I have also been selling at a carboot sale once a week every little bit helps :-)

Just a few things listed in my shop to buy although the Trio set has now Sold and also the purple Vanity case is now Sold.

Just to give you more of an idea these lovely bags are also listed for sale but the 1940's Black patent one is now Sold.

As you can see there are Vintage home-wares for sale along with handbags and also a few ladies Clothes :-) These were listed last week but already the Pink flower dress top left, blue dress top middle, blue and white dress middle left and the 60's little dress bottom middle have already Sold :-)

I listed all these items yesterday these are the start of this weeks items for sale but over night both pairs of shoes have now Sold :-)

So that's the start of realising our dream and I am focused and feeling positive for the first time in months. No further need for tears just focus and drive on realising the next chapter of our journey through life. Exciting Yes, Scary Yes especially when you have been a collector and hoarder but its all just things and you cant take them when you go to the other side. Enjoy the little things in life simple things can give much more pleasure...

So feeling a little naked after sharing all that but seeing it in black and white makes it a little bit more real to :-)

Take care everyone,

Love and hugs Dee xx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Vintage Retro Delights is now on Etsy

Hi Everyone,

just a short post from me I am having major problems with my laptop with pop up quiz things taking over and google has disappeared it has slowed down and doesn't allow me to type properly its a nightmare. ( its being looked at this weekend ) But I am planning on coming back after the summer and will be catching up with lots of reading. But I just wanted to say that I  am now on Etsy as from yesterday I am struggling to sell my vintage items at local fairs so thought I would give it a try not quite sure what im doing with it but I am sure it will all become clear.

You can find my etsy shop here at etsy.com/shop/VintageRetroDelights
I will be listing new stock every week so fingers crossed it works :-)

Just a few thing listed and ready to buy in the shop.

Well this simple post has taken me nearly hour stupid computer going to hit the print button before it crashes on me yet again.  Be back again soon.

Love and  hugs

Dee xx

Monday, 28 July 2014

Project Bertie Finished and ready for his first Trip

Hi everyone,

I know its been a while again but I am still here in the back ground. Its been a difficult few months but the one thing that has kept me focused is project Bertie and he is now finished :-) So I wanted to share him with you.

When we first bought him and started transforming him we had 2 beautiful Greyhounds but very sadly 4 weeks ago my beautiful black and white boy Midi had to go and live with the angels. His epilepsy started to get worse and he had a really bad episode where he fitted for a whole day and night on and off. We thought he had made it through the night but he sadly had another fit at 5am and he struggled to come round we had to then make the decision to let him go. Its been a really difficult few weeks for me and I miss him so very much my heart breaks every day when I think about him but we have Kia our 10 year old girl to keep us focused.

So when we started Bertie we needed plenty of space inside him for Midi and Kia so we took him from a 4 berth to a 2 berth. We stripped everything out of him apart from some of the fitted top wall cupboards towards the back and we also kept the toilet cupboard and made it into a wardrobe and an area to keep the fridge. You can see the before photo's on my last post. So here goes your either going to love him or hate him as he is so Retro but we love him he's just like the inside of our house :-) If you click on the photo's they will appear larger for you.

We used original 1970's wallpaper on the door and also inside on the walls
We used Orange and cream as our main colours and fitted him out with 1 of our 60's kitchen larders and small unit which my hubby had to cut and build around the wheel arch.
This was a 50's blue formica topped unit but the formica had faded and was very scratched so we put black and white tiles on the top to tie it together with the floor.
We put my 50's sideboard where the old sink and cooking station were ( as were going to cook outside) and also I had to have one of my 50's glass door cabinets above.
We had new foam and seats made from cream leatherette with orange piping and buttons we wanted the 50's style bristo look.I also made the crochet square blanket at the back :-)
We added a cream table and a silver leg this is the area where we will sleep to. As the seats convert to a double bed.
I made all the cushion from Vintage Fabrics including the curtains. I also made both the circle and straight lined crochet cushion covers :-) I enjoyed doing those.
He is so spacious and cosy I cant wait to start filling him with all the things we love :-)
I bought this 70's rug from a friend as she is selling up and moving abroad the colours just work brilliantly and it adds a cosy air to Bertie.
We are having a 2/ 6 foot wind breaks being made from some 70's breathable mats we found and also an orange canvas canopy made which will attach to the outside of him. We have bought a 70's tent for the boys to sleep in. We also have a fabulous orange 70's cooking station for outside I cant wait to set him all up. We go away in a weeks time so I will take lots of photo's and share him again in a few weeks time.
Hope you love him has much as we do :-)
Have a lovely week everyone and see you soon
Love and hugs dee xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Project Bertie

Hi everyone,

I know its been such a long time but thought I would drop in and write a post about our new project we are working on right now. A month ago we bought ourselves a lovely  1970's 4 berth caravan who we have called Bertie. He is very special to us being our first and we have set ourselves a target of trying to get him ready for July.

Like our home and our love for all things 50's,60's and 70's we have completely stripped him so we can have a blank canvas and fill him with all the things we love and the style that suits us best.

So please say hello to Bertie :-)

 And inside before we started ripping things out

 As you can see he was very boring and very brown.  We wanted to create more space so we decided to make him into a 2 berth instead of a 4 so we had room for Midi and Kia our Greyhounds.

So we took up the carpet and stripped out the tall cupboard and also the single chair towards the back of Bertie that would have made up into a bed. We also stripped out the kitchen sink, fridge and cooker and also the toilet.

After ripping out the large cupboard we replaced it with one of our 1960's larder cupboards that we had collected only problem being we had to build it up and around the wheel arch.

Then we stripped the kitchen unit out which consisted of the fridge, cooker and sink unit as we have decided we would like to cook outside  that way we have a little more space but can also enjoy the outside experience of cooking and preparing a meal :-)

So out came the kitchen unit to be replaced with my lovely 1950's kitchen sideboard.

Again we have had to built it up and around the wheel arch.

We are now onto the painting and have undercoated all the units and cupboards. The toilet area we have ripped out the toilet and we are going to turn it into a cupboard with hanging space for our clothes and a lovely new fridge will also go in there.

This is how Bertie is looking today

We have undercoated everything. You can see the main part of our colour scheme here a lovely shade of orange :-) I will share the vintage fabrics and other colours etc next time. You will also spy above the 50's kitchen sideboard a 1950's kitchen wall cupboard :-) I had to have one in him.

I will share the colour for the walls on this post though..

I have managed to buy 2 full roles of 1970's original wallpaper made by crown this will be going on all the wall's of Bertie and also on the door so when its wide open you get a nice taste of what's inside :-)

I have been busy making cushions and curtains from vintage fabrics and also making some pretty crochet items to but will share those next time. I have also been having fun buying lots of lovely vintage accessories for him again I will share those soon.

So does this mean I am back I am not sure will just run this post and see how I feel.

Have a lovely week everyone,

Hugs dee xx

Friday, 21 February 2014

Its the end of the road...

Hi Everyone,

first i want to say a huge thank you to everyone that left such kind messages and support on my last post i am sorry i haven't emailed you privately but please take this as a  huge thank you and a personal message to you all. I have now deleted the post as i was uncomfortable with it being there but it really helped me at the time by sharing. All i will say is that things took a turn for the worst last week and we now have a full support care package involved so that is a huge positive and hopefully the only way now is forwards.

On a different note i have decided to call it day with writing my blog i have kind of fallen out of love with it which will probably come as no surprise to some of you that have been following me from the start. When i started writing my old blog dee dee's vintage Retro Delights 6 and half years ago i was at a point in my life when i was starting off collecting vintage i was a single parent and i stumbled upon this amazing community of people since then as my confidence has grown and my friendships to i have been able to branch out and my love for collecting Vintage turned into me selling it and then into organizing my own Vintage and Handmade Fairs and i have my blog and all you lovely ladies to thank for that. So my blog name will come with me and i have decided to set up a new facebook page where i will be sharing my love for all things Vintage, my finds, little corners of my home, Items i have for sale and will be taking with me to the fairs to sell. A list of vintage fairs that you can find me at as well as advertising my own Vintage and Handmade fair's.

 I will still pop in from time to time to see what you are all doing though :-)

So if you fancy joining me on the next chapter, you can find me here on Face book on my new page Vintage Retro Delights https://www.facebook.com/Vintageretrodelights?ref=hl

Or if you feel you would like to just keep up with my fairs that i Organize and maybe come along and say hello then you can find them here athttps://www.facebook.com/DeeDeesHandmadeAndVintageFairs?ref=h

So i think all that is left for me to say is thank you for giving me the opportunity to share in a little part of your lives for your friendships and for giving me the confidence to grow and develop and for helping me to achieve my goals and to be doing something that i love......Vintage Rules :-)  

Take lots of care everyone,

Love and Hugs Dee xxxx

Friday, 24 January 2014

My vintage inspired kitchen and our new addition

Hi Everyone,

well its been a very busy few weeks here and i haven't had a chance to do much posting or popping round to you. We invited a new addition into our home on Monday but more about that later in the post. I wanted to share my nearly completed kitchen. As you know its been a long time coming. I have been gathering 50's kitchen units and cupboards for a year or 2 now but due to the size of the kitchen i wasn't able to use some of the free standing units that i wanted to as it would have meant i would have lost work surface space and i couldn't afford to do that. So my compromise was have new front doors fitted with a slight rounded edge and take down the wall units and replace them with my 50's wall cabinets. This is the result.....

This is the before photo blue cupboards that i hated

To this new doors made and painted red with silver halfmoon shaped handles and then 2 50's glass cabinets on the walls to replace the horrible blue ones. I love it now. So this is one side and then at the other side of the room is this....

Its so warm and bright and just what i wanted its a great space to spend time in and as i am always baking its the room i spent most of my time in.

One of my shelves in the kitchen home to some of my goodies this will be replaced with a 50's wall cabinet when i can find a small one.

This little shelf is home to collection to my 50's and 60's animal figures

Inside one of my wall cabinets

The other side

Everything i use in my kitchen is either from the 50's,60's or 70's

Some of my storage collection you will spy some Taunton Vale here

Worcester ware canisters

Taunton Vale book stand

My 50's egg stand and 70's enamel pot which is home to my dogs medication.

More of my vintage storage

My 70's spice rack

And a few more Freds :-)

Just a little glimpse for you i have so much in my kitchen i would be here all day trying to share it all.  I would like to replace the wall tiles at some point this year. And as to all my free standing 50's units my lovely Hubby is hoping to build me a porch on the back of the house so they will go in there :-)

And well to our  new addition. You all know we have Midi and Kia the greyhounds well we have been searching for the past few months for a little girl to join us and i am so happy to say that we have found her :-) So please say hello to Lulu our little Whippet cross greyhound girl.

She is only 2 and a very playful little girl she came into our home like a little whirl wind and is so much fun and so cuddly and tiny compared to Midi and Kia. They excepted her so well and have been brilliant. So its fair to say our little family is now complete :-) She was found as a stray and had recently given birth to puppies sadly we don't know what happened to them. She is a little under weight and has sore skin but this will soon change after lots of tender loving care.

Midi, Kia and Lulu :-)

I couldn't not share this one with you her new coat arrived on Weds and she looks far to cute :-)

She was spayed yesterday and is feeling very subdued today but she has eaten some chicken and is resting hopefully she will be back to her manic little self tomorrow :-)

Thank you to everyone that left lovely comments on my last post i will pop over to everyone this afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs dee xx