Thursday, 19 December 2013

Happy holidays

Hi Everyone,

this is going to be a really short post as i just haven't got enough time at the moment to be here. We had a fantastic fair last Saturday and it was lovely to see so many people if you were one of them thank you for supporting us and all our lovely sellers.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments and support this year sorry i haven't been around much. Hopefully things will start to calm down and get a bit slower in the new year :-)

So i will leave you with a couple of photo's of my pretty 1960's silver christmas tree..

How many vintage balls can you fit on one tree :-)

Well she made it to the tree this year instead of my little 50's silver girl who is having a longer rest in my cabinet.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and i hope its a magical new year for you all. It is Midi and Kia's first Christmas with us and they will be hanging out their stockings this year to and enjoying a slice of Turkey :-) They are the lucky greyhounds this year there are 1000's of others that will be seeing it from a cold kennel. But we have been very lucky this year to be involved in helping some of them get their forever home's through volunteering for the Retired Greyhound Trust Dorset and Somerset branch. And we will continue to do the same next year.

We wish you a happy Christmas and a magical new year...see you all soon.

Love and hugs dee xx

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Journey is nearly at an end

Hi everyone,

thank you for those of you that still take the time to stop by and leave comments I know how busy you all are and I really do appreciate it. 6 years ago I started writing a blog it was about my vintage finds and the journey to change my house from modern to my take on vintage living. Most of you have been with me since the beginning and have been with me through the ups and the downs. My blog was a special place to let me share and meet like minded people many of you I can now call friends. At the start of this year I very sadly had to delete that blog and start another one with a few changes, I have dipped in and out of blogland this year. Finding real life now much more fun and positive since meeting my wonderful husband and marrying him nearly a year ago. There are just 3 more posts I want to do this year this post being one of them. After that I am not sure what to do with my blog because as the title of my post says The Journey is nearly at an end. My home is nearly finished, as I type my 50's style kitchen cupboard doors are being made and they will be fitted tomorrow I cant believe that my kitchen is nearly complete and I am just so excited I cant begin to tell you. But this post I wanted to show you my front room which got a lick of paint and some vintage wall paper hung this week and a new 50's unit added to it. This room is now complete and finished ;-) And I love it.

This 1950's unit I  picked up from an advert listed on face book of all places I think I paid £20 for it but it was back early in the year. My lovely hubby stripped it down and painted it inside and out and then lined it with vintage 70's wallpaper.

The paper is a very pale blue with tiny cream and pink flowers on I  picked up 2 rolls for a £1 each back in the summer its from the 1970's.

Its going to be used as our cocktail cabinet just a few of my vintage glasses I have stored in there.

Such pretty paper.

This was the before photo before the corner of my room had a little make over. Just plain cream walls and pale pink woodwork now looks like this....

Vintage wall paper on the walls and the little unit is now looking like new :-) I had the art deco mirror in the loft.

The unit was painted in white and pale blue to match its formica top and the wall paper.

I love the pale blue and crazy black pattern of the formica and its in great condition considering its age.

This beautiful lamp was being thrown away in a skip and I rescued it I have no idea of its age but its really lovely and so delicate I added the 50's glass lampshade myself. I have had her for many years.

This little glass 50's sugar pot I found 2 weeks ago and I only paid 30p for it I think it is so pretty.

On Saturday I had a bit of good luck in the charity shops first I found this set of 6 1950's glasses I absolutely love them :-) and at £2.99 I ran out the door :-)

Next up I found this gorgeous 60s/70's tea pot we did pay £10 for it but we bought it as our first year wedding anniversary gift to ourselves :-) I adore the colours and design.

I also found these 70's pyrex serving dishes with their stands £10 the pair :-) These may be used this Christmas :-)

And then if I wasn't happy enough already I managed to find this lovely vintage quilted throw its been handmade by someone on the machine and I already have the sheets in this myself and had made cushions for the summerhouse and the living room. So I had to use it.....

On the sofa of course :-) Midi is just waiting to jump up and settle down on it can't say I blame him its lovely and snug to sit on :-)

We painted the walls a pale blue and got rid if the cream walls and I have to say I always thought blue was a cold colour and have never used it. But I love it in here with all the other colours in the furnishing and the handmade crochet blankets I have made its just brings it all together and I feel it's cosy and warm I love it.

With 2 wonderful greyhounds Midi and Kia :-)

And well I just couldn't part with my 50's cream formica glass cabinet she still takes pride of place in the center of the room and is home to some of my lovely vintage goodies.
Oh yes and I must not  forget my other little find 1950's sherry glasses :-) Although we have been using them this week for sparkly bubbly ;-)
Hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of the front room. Next post will be a short wedding post. On Sunday 15th December I celebrate my first wedding anniversary and what an amazing year its been :-)
But first off this Saturday 14th its my vintage and handmade Christmas fair at Trull memorial hall near Taunton, Somerset. 10am-3pm . We have some wonderful vintage and handmade sellers with some beautiful gifts for sale. So if you are local do pop along and say hello and stop for a cup of tea and a slice of home made cake or a mince pie in our little tea room, all the funds from the tea room go to Brainwave.  Home and Antique's magazine will also be joining us. Be lovely to see you and say hello.
Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend.
Love and hugs dee xx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

More kitchen transforming and vintage goodies

Hi Everyone,

I seemed to have missed a week somewhere Yikes! Sorry I haven't been around again in blogland I am going to catch up later today.  Its been a busy couple of weeks again. There have been more changes in the dee dee household and this time it has been the kitchen. This has been an on going project over the past year. And now its the floor's turn to finely have been replaced. A few years ago my friend and I put down black and white floor tiles my god they were hard to cut out but we did it and they lasted a good 4 years. But they have been looking very tired and had started to move. Then we adopted our gorgeous ten year old greyhound Kia who was terrified of walking on them and a few times she slipped. We put a piece of carpet down until we were able to find what we wanted that would still give us that chequer board 50's affect. This is what we have done...

The black and white floor tiles are no more I actually wasn't sad to see them go

And down have gone Black and red carpet floor tiles. My lovely hubby did a fabulous job cutting them and putting them down. At this stage I wasn't sure if I liked them but when the rest of the furniture was back.....

I decided that I now love them :-) They are so warm and I no longer have to get on my hands and knees and wash the floor every day :-) And Kia well she thinks they are smashing and it has given her some confidence back and she now happily walks into the kitchen and outside into the garden :-)

Now its time for the other side of my kitchen to get its final make over the top cupboards have been replaced with 50's glass cabinets and I am just waiting for my bottom cupboard 50's style doors to be made and then I will show you and I can't wait :-) All ready for Christmas.

I have had a few finds over the past couple of months that I haven't shown you so thought I would share them with you now....

70's enamel pot I actually keep all my dog Midi's epileptic medication in there can't remember how much I paid but it wasn't more than £3

I have had my 50's egg stand for year's but I don't think I have ever shared it.

My 60's/70's plastic butter dish an ebay buy.

My 50's tea set a set of 6 tea cups and saucers, side plates and small bowls and one large bowl £7 the lot ;-)

My 2 little vintage brush poodles I love them :-) £2.99 each.

And I found this little vintage Christmas fairy in the charity shop last week she isn't brilliant but she looked so sad and lonely on the shelf that I had to take her home and at 99p it what have been silly not to.

I also found 4 box's of vintage Christmas crackers in fact there were 6 boxes but I left the other 2 for someone else to enjoy. So that's me sorted for the next 4 years :-) 99p a box happy days.

As well as doing the kitchen my lovely hubby is transforming a 50's sideboard unit that I haven't shown you but that I have had for a few months and also the 50's larder that I showed you a couple of weeks ago. So later this week they will be going into the living room and my 50's cream glass cabinet YIKES will be coming out. Vintage wallpaper has already been put on the walls I will  reveal all next week ;-) My hubby and I also went to a winter ball on Saturday night it was the first time since our wedding day nearly a year ago that we had both got dressed up and gone out and it was so lovely  to get dressed up and spend the evening out and have a dance to.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thank you for the comments on my last post,

Love and hugs dee xx