Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer house and its all change

Hi Everyone,

over the past 6 years since I first started blogging my life has changed in so many different ways and blogging has taken me in many different directions. My first blog I wrote for 6 years and you all followed my journey along the vintage path, my ever changing home, my vintage collections, my boys growth and development, sewing projects, selling at vintage fairs and then in organising them, and then my lovely 50's style wedding and marriage to a wonderful man. It fulfilled a need in my life at that time and your friendships and support kept me going through the ups and downs and then you shared in the happy moments to and there were many. Having to delete that blog left me lost for a while and I seem to have been floating around uncertain as to where my life needed to take me. I started to write this blog as I wanted to stay connected to you all but to be honest my heart hasn't really been in it after the bad experience involved in my last one I didn't feel like I could be as open and honest with you as I once had and that left me unsure with what to share and I wanted to be true to myself so I have dipped in and out for the past few months. Adopting Midi the greyhound has given me that new direction and drive in my life and I have found an overwhelming sense of peace and fulfilment spending time with him and becoming a volunteer for the retired greyhound trust. Helping out and setting up at the local dog shows and running stalls for them trying to raise money for the trust gives you a different out look on life and makes you aware of important things. I haven't been buying anything vintage for the past few months in fact I haven't bought anything for the house full stop. My days are spent contently at home with Midi. His health took a turn for the worst 3 weeks ago where he very sadly had 15 fits and seizers in 3 hours it was a horrible and very stressful week. We very nearly lost him 2 days later and its taken us 2 weeks of tender loving care to bring him back from the edge but he is still with us and doing great now. He is taking a very high dose of epileptic drugs but his body has adapted well so much so at the dog show last Saturday he won some classes :-) I have decided that the greyhounds and Midi are were my heart is and have decided to start a blog up  its called Marvellous Midi- greyhound and Co and can be found here at I will be sharing our journey together so please pop over and have a look and you can find out all about Midi's first holiday to Cornwall a few days ago and what classes he won :-) I will still post on here from time to time to.

Thank you for all your comments on my last post I did say that I would share my finished summerhouse with you so here go's :-) Please click on the photo's and they will appear larger for you.

Painted a lovely shade of lilac my husband designed it and built it from recycled timber. I love the extra space it has provided and spend loads of time in there. I have a collection of cottage style plants, mixed with vegetables and herbs, the butterflies and bee's share my love for them to :-)

I have my 40's welsh dresser inside with a collection of my vintage books and some ornaments and some colourful crochet bunting I made last week. My 70's brown swivel chair come in here to it holds cushions made by me along with my lovely old wooden sideboard that I bought year's ago. A collection of vintage prints, 40's valve radio and vintage lamps and mirror help to make it cosy along with my own handmade crochet blankets and patchwork cushions.

 My 60's cream sofa sits the other side of the room with a collection of my handmade cushions etc.

And to the side of the sideboard sits my white 60's formica kitchen table two 50's chairs which we painted and then added new foam and spotty vinyl to I tend to use my sewing machine here its a nice calm space.

And then to the side of the sofa sits a little half moon 50's table with yet another vintage lamp on.

I filled an old metal colander with thyme and pretty bedding plants it makes a great planter.

I collection of vintage items, bellfast sink and step ladders hold more plants and herbs.
Its fair to say that I love my garden and the summerhouse has just made it such a magical place to be i spend most of my day here with Midi after the house work and baking etc has been done.

And i will end it here i am now popping over to Midi's blog to write a post there to. Be lovely to see you there if you fancy joining us.

Take lots of care and thank you,

Hugs dee xx

Monday, 5 August 2013

A blog meet up and dee dee's vintage and handmade summer fair

Hi Everyone,

well it take's a meeting up of blog friends to kick start me blogging again. Saturday saw 4 lovely blogging friends traveling on the train from 4 different locations to meet up in sunny Cardiff, Wales. I have met lovely Emma and Vix before but it was a first time meeting to see the lovely Tania.

Emma, Tania and Vix 3 gorgeous ladies with beautiful souls and a fun attitude to life. We laughed, we shopped , we ate and drank lovely cocktails until we could shop and laugh no more. It was a wonderful day and I can't wait to meet up with them again, thank you so much for a brilliant day ladies. You can read more on Vix's blog here and also on Tania's blog here and if you want to pop along and meet Emma you can find her here

So a few weeks ago was my second fair I have organised this year this time our summer one, and the Sun shone all day and the sellers did themselves and me so proud with there amazing and beautiful stalls and stock. This time we had gazebo's outside and it worked so well.  It was a lovely day with a lovely friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Here are a few photo's of the day. Please click on the photo's and they will appear bigger for you.

This was my own stall I always share the stage with 2 friends. My larder sold as well as the lovely type writer to a lovely young lad that uses them for his college work it was nice to think it was going to be used again.

This was my lovely friend Bronia's stall

Karen and Vicky always share the stage with me these are their lovely pitches.

The first photo was in the entrance to the tea room, and then the remaining 3 are the lovely Liz from the washer women blog for some reason I cant seem to add her blog link

The lovely Elaine from Ted and Bunny joined us to she had some lovely things,

Ester from Jubilee high tea and one of the outside stalls

The top 2 photo's are Mary's stall bag end bags you can find her on facebook and another of some of the outside sellers

More vintage sellers

Lovely Jo from and Mrs M makes who you can find on facebook.
There were many other stalls to but I think I have photo over loaded this post already :-)

I am now planning and looking ahead to my next fair this time the theme is Autumn on the 12th October at North curry village hall. I have the flyers printed already and I am busy getting the word out if you can share it to that would be great :-) I am fully booked for this event.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, I will now try to start blogging again once a week after not buying anything vintage for 2 months I have been getting out and about again and will share some of my lovely buys next time. My summerhouse is also finely finished and I cant wait to share it with you also ;-)

Take lots of care

Hugs dee xx