Tuesday, 3 December 2013

More kitchen transforming and vintage goodies

Hi Everyone,

I seemed to have missed a week somewhere Yikes! Sorry I haven't been around again in blogland I am going to catch up later today.  Its been a busy couple of weeks again. There have been more changes in the dee dee household and this time it has been the kitchen. This has been an on going project over the past year. And now its the floor's turn to finely have been replaced. A few years ago my friend and I put down black and white floor tiles my god they were hard to cut out but we did it and they lasted a good 4 years. But they have been looking very tired and had started to move. Then we adopted our gorgeous ten year old greyhound Kia who was terrified of walking on them and a few times she slipped. We put a piece of carpet down until we were able to find what we wanted that would still give us that chequer board 50's affect. This is what we have done...

The black and white floor tiles are no more I actually wasn't sad to see them go

And down have gone Black and red carpet floor tiles. My lovely hubby did a fabulous job cutting them and putting them down. At this stage I wasn't sure if I liked them but when the rest of the furniture was back.....

I decided that I now love them :-) They are so warm and I no longer have to get on my hands and knees and wash the floor every day :-) And Kia well she thinks they are smashing and it has given her some confidence back and she now happily walks into the kitchen and outside into the garden :-)

Now its time for the other side of my kitchen to get its final make over the top cupboards have been replaced with 50's glass cabinets and I am just waiting for my bottom cupboard 50's style doors to be made and then I will show you and I can't wait :-) All ready for Christmas.

I have had a few finds over the past couple of months that I haven't shown you so thought I would share them with you now....

70's enamel pot I actually keep all my dog Midi's epileptic medication in there can't remember how much I paid but it wasn't more than £3

I have had my 50's egg stand for year's but I don't think I have ever shared it.

My 60's/70's plastic butter dish an ebay buy.

My 50's tea set a set of 6 tea cups and saucers, side plates and small bowls and one large bowl £7 the lot ;-)

My 2 little vintage brush poodles I love them :-) £2.99 each.

And I found this little vintage Christmas fairy in the charity shop last week she isn't brilliant but she looked so sad and lonely on the shelf that I had to take her home and at 99p it what have been silly not to.

I also found 4 box's of vintage Christmas crackers in fact there were 6 boxes but I left the other 2 for someone else to enjoy. So that's me sorted for the next 4 years :-) 99p a box happy days.

As well as doing the kitchen my lovely hubby is transforming a 50's sideboard unit that I haven't shown you but that I have had for a few months and also the 50's larder that I showed you a couple of weeks ago. So later this week they will be going into the living room and my 50's cream glass cabinet YIKES will be coming out. Vintage wallpaper has already been put on the walls I will  reveal all next week ;-) My hubby and I also went to a winter ball on Saturday night it was the first time since our wedding day nearly a year ago that we had both got dressed up and gone out and it was so lovely  to get dressed up and spend the evening out and have a dance to.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thank you for the comments on my last post,

Love and hugs dee xx


  1. You look so pretty in that frock Dee....like a 50's princess. And your kitchen is just the cutest thing ever. I'd love to sit there over a cup of coffee & soak up the atmosphere. Xx

  2. Love it! So cheerful and sweet! We had checker floor in our last place and I loved it (though we unfortunately chose a strange material which was impossible to clean!). Also, the poodles are adorable!

  3. My goodness, what a glamorous couple you are! You both scrub up VERY well, what a gorgeous frock, Dee.
    The carpet tiles are the perfect solution for your kitchen, Kia is obviously happy with them and you still have the chequer board pattern you wanted. Good job, John!
    Love your finds, I have a matching saucepan to your cooking pot, and your funky butter dish and eggstand are so cool!
    Good to hear from you, Dee. xxx

  4. The floor looks great and all the better for Kia to be able to get about on it. Lovely finds, hun...I do like butter dish and the poodles. I keep the dog and cat treats in a pan like yours! I hate taking the lid off because the pong so much!! You two look a treat. I can't believe that a whole year has gone by since you were married. Where does the time go?
    Talk soon.

  5. You both look lovely, what a stunning frock! and what a clever idea for the kitchen floor. What will you do with yourselves when the house is finished? Collapse in a heap or start again?? ;-)

  6. You both look absolutely gorgeous, John's like James Bond in his tux and bow tie and your dress is just beautiful!
    The floor looks fab and Kia likes it, too, always a bonus! Love the butter dish and I have one of those poodle clothes brushes in pink! xxx

  7. Just look at you tow gorgeous beasts!!!
    O, I LOVE your kitchen, I just want to wallow about in there,drinking, eating and gossiping! No need to apologise for your absence, you have a life, after all! XXX

  8. Oh my gosh. You two look like you're going to a 1950's prom! And your house is so cozy. No wonder the dogs love it. Dogs know about things like that.

  9. You both look like you stepped out of a James Bond film..love it!
    Your house made my heart skip a beat LOVE and ADORE it......fabulosa!
    take care, Heidi

  10. Great looking couple! Just stopped by to say Hi. Hope all is well.

  11. Thank yous o much for your comments. They mean the world tome to kow you are there. We are in such a mess moving town I had to stop blogging until Monday, but i had to come and wish you a happy weekend

  12. wow!
    love the kitchen! great job!
    have a lovely weekend,

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