Monday, 11 November 2013

Vintage goodies and a friend stop

Hi Everyone,

well it took a visit up to Walsall to make me feel like blogging about some of my vintage finds again. Its been ages since I shared anything with you really not that I have bought loads I have had a few months since having adopting my greyhounds that I stopped buying. But if you are a collector like me the bug soon comes back :-) I woke up on Friday morning to see that I had won a gorgeous 50's kitchen larder  ( not that I need another one I have 3 already ) I never thought for one minute that I would get it as ebay I find very hard work these days the prices are so high. Anyway we arranged to pick it up Sunday morning and took the 2 and half hour drive to collect it. It was a gorgeous morning we watched the sun come  up and the sky turn blue it was a cold crisp Autumn day perfect for traveling and meeting friends.

What I love about this one are the legs it stands on and the black sliding glass small doors and the decorative main glass doors. Its just to yummy for words ;-) I have a soft spot for these and I currently have 3 already but what's one more :-) Don't look to closely though the paint job is shocking and this will be stripped and re painted and have new vintage wallpaper lined inside hopefully this week. Having a painter and decorator as a husband can sometimes work in your favour :-) I will keep the same blues though as this works in my front room.

Pull down the drop leaf cupboard and inside are 2 little corner shelves that I don't have in my other ones. I love the fact that they are all so different.

The glass doors are gorgeous and etched in Gold

This is where she will be going when she has had her new lease of life. To be used as a cocktail cabinet I have so many vintage glasses that it will be nice to have them in one place again and not dotted around the house. Glasses from the 50's and 60's and kitchen cupboards and larders are my love and I can't resist them :-)

So while I am showing you my larder I thought I would share a couple of my other buys from the summer months.

This 60's foot stool was a great find and only cost me £3.50 I think it was I paid my money and ran out the door :-)

I got this lovely 50's tray from one of the sellers at my Summer fair I love the colours and design.

These 1950's sputnik bowls were a great find not something I had seen before.

Flip the lids back and they will be great at Christmas for our party nibbles :-)

And lastly my little West German pot by Goebel stamp marked 1962 I love it, its such a sweet design which travels all around the pot. If you click on the photo it will appear larger for you.

So sweet ;-)

And the best thing about going traveling and buying things is that you can catch up with friends. The larder cabinet was in my lovely friend Vic's home town so we stopped in for a cup of tea and quick catch up ;-)

It was great to catch up with Vicky  she was looking as gorgeous as always. Thank you lovely for letting us into your beautiful home again and for the cup of tea :-)

And well that its from me see you all again soon,

Hugs dee xx


  1. Ooooh! It's gorgeous. I see what you mean about the etched glass, too. Fabulous find and such a bargain! Loving the cannisters and the sputnik bowls (and the chopping board underneath them!) I had that stool in blue, I must have sold it, I haven't seen it for ages! Lovely to see you and John yesterday, it made my week! xxxx

  2. Lovely post Dee, I feel like I can hear your real voice again like in the way you used to post in your old blog. You did well with that larder, bet it looks fab once you have finished with it. So nice to see you and Vix together, fancy it being in Walsall! That Goebel pot is seriously adorable. xxxx

  3. I've been a very lazy blogger too Dee, I still read blogs every day near enough, but lazy about commenting and posting. I'm glad you felt inspired to write a new post, I always enjoy hearing what you've been up to. You and Vix both look fantastic and I love all your finds. I remember us having a kitchen larder very similar to that one in the 70s, and I love that little tray and the stool. I always buy party dishes too, though we never really have get togethers that warrant having them, that's me shopping for my fantasy life again, but I love your sputnik bowls, they're really unusual. Look forward to your next post! xx

  4. Lovely!!!! And having had quite a few over the years I can say that I've not seen one with the cute corner shelves(it's usually glass bits I find)...don't change that lovely yellow covering though Dee-I love it!! The black glass is beautiful too..I know a lovely French atomic coffee table that would go so well with it too!;)
    A gorgeous pic of you and your glamorous friend too(not that you're not glam too hon!). xxxx

  5. ps. I NEEEEED those cute bowls!!!

  6. It was so lovely to see you pop up on Vix's blog and on FB, Dee! That larder is really a beauty, love the black and the etched glass. All your finds are gorgeous, the stool and the space-age bowls are wonderful, and I just new Tania would fall in love with that wee German pot!
    Nice to have you around in the blogging community again, Dee - don't be a stranger! xxxx

  7. Wow, some serious finds there! I am so envious of that sixties footstool, what a bargain. And of course the larder is so pretty. I sometimes wish I had all freestanding kitchen furniture so I could buy beauties like that. Always love getting a little peek inside your home too xxx

  8. Oh, how I love that larder cupboard ... I sooo wish I had kept hold of my granny's yellow one :( Lovely finds! M x

  9. Well that was worth a drive! What a lovely larder. I so wish I had space for one. Nice that you got to see Vix too. The tray takes me back. We made those in primary school! xxx

  10. I saw you all together in Vix´s post and I was sooooooooooooo jealous, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. OOOOOOO, love that larder, darling, and LOVE that it will be a groovy cocktail cabinet!!!
    It's going to be very happy in your home! Your other scores are lovely too, especially the stool!
    YAY to seeing Vix! I am extremely envious, only 2 and a bit hours to get to her........

  12. What a find! I love the footstool too, just fabulous.

  13. Such great finds - I'd love one of those larder units - just not sure where it could go though! Loving the sputnik bowls too :)

  14. Ooooooh beautiful, lovely finds.
    Julie xxxxxx

  15. Oh I loved seeing your new old things Dee. You have such a great eye for style. The larder is gorgeous. I've never heard of that term before. Those sputnik bowls are so unusual. I love the atomic style. And that pouf is just wonderful. I'm so glad you had the chance to catchup with Vicky too. Much Love. Xx

  16. Wow amazing finds! I just love the cabinet and that footstool! x

  17. Love that cabinet, and the tray too.....lucky you! :) x

  18. Dee: I am so happy to see you blogging again! I wish I could attend the festivities on April 5th. The 1920s is the era I focus on in my studies and my writing. I am a huge fan of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and company. Love the styles and the attitudes. The Roaring Twenties, indeed.

  19. I love your new things Dee, perfect items for you lovely house.

  20. Dee that cabinet is amazing....and the stool and jars.....sweet, Heidi!
    Its been awhile for me too in blogland!!!! its good to be back, Heidi

  21. Hi Dee, so lovely to hear from you and see you here (looking as gorgeous as ever btw!). Our next pooch is going to be a retired greyhound too (some way down the track as the Jedster, thankfully, is still going strong - but we have definitely decided that we want one when the time comes...)
    I hope all is well, love your finds (those sputnik bowls! Wow!). Love, Kylie x