Monday, 18 November 2013

Hallway decoration

Hi Everyone,

thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post its nice to have my voice back so to speak and be sharing my home and finds with you again. This past week My other half has been painting my hallway for me. He only did it I think 12 months ago but I over time I hated the darkness of the raspberry walls I chose it made the hall dark and depressing. I had some lovely 1970's wallpaper in the loft and decided to use that to make a feature on 2 walls and painted the remaining walls an Oatmeal colour its so much lighter and brighter and even feels bigger.

God its so dark I loved it at the time its amazing how quickly your taste can change. So good bye raspberry hello Oatmeal and gorgeous vintage wallpaper :-) If you click on the photo's they will appear larger.

Hello pink and cream 70's wallpaper ;-)

A close up of the paper for you.

And my new hallway ;-) I love it now, the wallpaper is just on 1 wall downstairs and makes a great feature as you walk in. I kept my floor the same. My 50's larder had a lovely new makeover and was lined with vintage wallpaper and it homes all our shoes, and bits and pieces we need for the dogs ie, coats and leads etc. I am just waiting to have some glass cut for the doors and then it will be finished.

I had the 70's purple flower curtains and just had to cut and join some to the bottom to make them longer but they go so well with the wallpaper

I love the yellow and the purple and pink together.

Then if you look up the stairs you can see the paper again on the wall at the top of the stairs just behind the cabinet. Again making a feature and a focal point.

I have had my cabinet for a few years now I found it in a charity shop for £8.00 I started to fall out of love with it when the raspberry wall was behind it now it looks young and fresh again I feel.

I have a collection of 60's and 50's prints on the walls

And above the stairs just as you go down a shelf with a collection of bits and pieces with an art deco mirror above it helps to reflect the light.

And then an old wooden shelf holds my collection of Enid Blyton and Ladybird books.

And again I have had this lovely 50's lampshade for ages this is in the bottom hallway.

My little wooden shelf I got from the antique market is home to some pieces that belonged to my family. The camera was my fathers first one he ever owned, the jubilee mugs belonged to my Nan along with the jug and the xmas plate and the old teeny tiny dictionary's to.

And the other 50's  lampshade at the top of the stairs I have again had it for ages.

We had a lovely weekend and went to two vintage fairs Crikey its Vintage in Exeter and then we paid a visit to my lovely friend Katie's Vintage shop in Budleigh Salterton along the way. What Katy Did a ,little treasure trove of vintage goodies if you haven't been your missing out on a wonderful treat. While we were there we took Midi and Kia onto the beach for a walk it was the first time for Kia bless her she didn't think much of the pebbles.

It was such a still day and so peaceful there.

I wore a 50's twin set skirt and blouse with a 70's green velvet jacket one of many I own. My lovely hubby had one of his Harris tweed vintage jackets on dressed down with comfy jeans.

Right that's me done I have a pounding headache and I have had the making's of a head cold for the past two days fingers crossed it doesn't come to anything. I am now off to cuddle Midi on the sofa and rest up.

See you soon,

Love and hugs dee xx


  1. I love that your house looks like a true home.
    You are both lovely, together with Midi and Kia.

  2. You and John look so stylish on the beach with the doggies!
    Loving the new decorating, the fabulous vintage wallpaper looks so much calmer, retro and more you, it shows off all your vintage loveliness a treat! x

  3. Your house is so pretty. I love the 70's wallpaper. You are so right (of course you are) it really does lively up the house. Nicely done. And your sweet family on the beach. Love it. My little pooch Pancake just tore his ACL and we're awaiting surgery. He's always been such an athlete. It's hard to see him down. Boo hoo. Hope he'll be up and scampering on the beach again soon.

  4. It is funny how colour changes a feel of a room or space. I think the raspberry was a lovely colour but can understand how it could make the space a bit dark. I lurch from light to dark décor. I try to keep the walls as neutral as possible. Not always easy as I get so seduce by all those lovely pots of paint with exciting colour in them!

    I do love your new look hallway and the oatmeal really lightens up the space. Love the yellow cabinet too. What a great way to use it.

    Aww your dogs are just too cute!

    P x

  5. Yep that wallpaper looks good......and I love that last picture! :) x

  6. Your hallway looks great now Dee. I especially love that blast of beautiful bright yellow on that larder. Great idea for keeping the area tidy too. Look at you and your man and your pooches. That's adorable! I don't blame Kia. Give me sand every time! xxxx

  7. What a lovely hallway, you have transformed it! Love the wallpaper and the curtain which almost matches, and using the larder as a hall cupboard is an inspired idea. Always great to see all your retro treasures, and you and John look so happy with the dogs on the beach. Not look after yourself, Dee - feel better soon! xxxx

  8. What a pretty hallway. All of your bits & pieces are so gorgeous. I love the shelf above the stairs....I've never seen something like that before. Thanks for sharing some more of your beautiful abode. Xx

  9. I love the new hall and doesn't the cabinet look gorgeous. I hope you feel better soon, keep warm and fight off those germs. x

  10. So many beautiful pieces. I love the cabinet, the wall paper, the mirror, all your vintage is beautifully arranged :)

  11. Oh how I love this paper of yours....your home is adorable. xoxo

  12. I saw the raspberry and thought it was lovely, but having seen the makeover it does look better ... much lighter. Your home is wonderful, so original.
    I hope you are feeling better ...
    M xx

  13. Cutest house , couple, dogs, light fixtures...ever and not necessarily in that order!

  14. I think you and I had a pounding headache at the exact same time. Hope you are feeling much better, and I might add the two of you are adorable.

  15. I like your home, is very original and like this paper and the cabinet.

  16. Your hallway is so super awesome and groovy!

  17. I love the lampshade. I hope you're feeling better. I am a new follower.