Monday, 9 September 2013

Can you help (Greyhound Loving )

Hi Everyone,

just a small post from me today. I can't believe we are into September already its been a lovely summer and a very busy time for me.

I have taken on a more active role with the Retired greyhound Trust and have become a volunteer for the Dorset and Somerset branch. I have been spending my weekends at the dog shows helping to raise awareness for these beautiful dogs by selling the merchandise and advertising the dogs that we have available who are looking for their forever homes, as well as collecting dogs and bringing them into the RGT ( retired greyhound trust) care.

Yesterday I took part in the 1000 sighthounds charity event and did the sponsored walk along with my dogs Midi and Kia and I happily managed to raise £100 for the branch.

It was a lovely day and both Midi and Kia enjoyed the 1 and half mile walk through the lovely grounds of Escot Park.

Considering Kia was 10 years old last Sunday she did so well bless her heart. Since Midi had his last cluster of epileptic fits ( 15 in 3 hours ) he has been doing really well the strong medication he is on is working well....long may it last.

Today I have set up the official charity Facebook page for the Retired Greyhound Trust Dorset and Somerset Branch. So if you are on Facebook please pop over and give it a like and a share please and help me raise awareness of our beautiful 13 girl's and boy's that are looking for there forever homes. We have a long waiting list of other Greyhounds that are needing to come into our care but sadly until spaces become available through rehoming we are unable to help them.

Greyhounds make the most wonderful pets and are great with children and sometimes cats Mine are living proof of this :-) They are also good with other dogs but like any breed of dog they can take a dislike to some the same way we humans take a dislike to another human. Some Greyhounds may keep the prey drive even after they have retired which just means they cant be rehomed with other pets and care will need to be taken when they are being exercised but again every dog has that potential no matter what breed it is making the Greyhound no different.


They are so soft and gentle and like nothing more than cuddling up on a nice soft sofa. They only need two 20 mins walks a day and really are 45 mph Couch Potato's :-)
I have another busy few weeks coming up, this Weekend is another dog show at Wimbourne and then we are off up to Nottingham on the 21st my birthday :-) For the Great greyhound Gathering.
I hope you are all well I will try and pop round in the next few days.
In the mean time if you can look up the Retired Greyhound Trust Dorset and Somerset Branch on facebook and give us a like and a share that would be wonderful, thank you.
Best wishes to you all,
hugs dee xx


  1. You wouldn't believe how much I have always longed for a greyhound. Maybe one day ... my Mr is now working from home and feeling a bit lonely and the possibility of a dog was mooted the other day. Unfortunately, we have a fiercely territorial cat at the moment who would terrorise any dog (she has a go at my neighbours dog if he comes near) that entered our home, but she is getting older, so maybe one day.
    Hope you're well ... maybe see you at the Buttercross in Somerton, or Frome?
    M x

  2. Oh sweet you are an amazing lady taking on such an important assignment......I hope all the beautiful greyhounds find a home.
    Your two are just lovely and the pic of them napping with pussy-cat it is very cute.
    Oh oh I love the floral walking skirt too.
    Love V

  3. Ahh, both Midi and Kia look so at home and contented with you. I'm pleased you are enjoying your new role with the Retired Greyhound Trust. They are such lovely, gentle dogs. xxx

  4. Dee, you are so wonderful to take this all on. Bless you for doing so much for these precious dogs.

  5. I have been lucky enough to have some beautiful greyhounds in my life. I'm so glad you have fallen in love with them! They look so cosy and relaxed in your beautiful house.

    Sarah xxx

  6. Lovely Dogs. We had a Greyhound called Judy when I was a child X

  7. What lovely animals ....I have always loved Greyhounds...they are very gentle...happy weekend.