Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer house and its all change

Hi Everyone,

over the past 6 years since I first started blogging my life has changed in so many different ways and blogging has taken me in many different directions. My first blog I wrote for 6 years and you all followed my journey along the vintage path, my ever changing home, my vintage collections, my boys growth and development, sewing projects, selling at vintage fairs and then in organising them, and then my lovely 50's style wedding and marriage to a wonderful man. It fulfilled a need in my life at that time and your friendships and support kept me going through the ups and downs and then you shared in the happy moments to and there were many. Having to delete that blog left me lost for a while and I seem to have been floating around uncertain as to where my life needed to take me. I started to write this blog as I wanted to stay connected to you all but to be honest my heart hasn't really been in it after the bad experience involved in my last one I didn't feel like I could be as open and honest with you as I once had and that left me unsure with what to share and I wanted to be true to myself so I have dipped in and out for the past few months. Adopting Midi the greyhound has given me that new direction and drive in my life and I have found an overwhelming sense of peace and fulfilment spending time with him and becoming a volunteer for the retired greyhound trust. Helping out and setting up at the local dog shows and running stalls for them trying to raise money for the trust gives you a different out look on life and makes you aware of important things. I haven't been buying anything vintage for the past few months in fact I haven't bought anything for the house full stop. My days are spent contently at home with Midi. His health took a turn for the worst 3 weeks ago where he very sadly had 15 fits and seizers in 3 hours it was a horrible and very stressful week. We very nearly lost him 2 days later and its taken us 2 weeks of tender loving care to bring him back from the edge but he is still with us and doing great now. He is taking a very high dose of epileptic drugs but his body has adapted well so much so at the dog show last Saturday he won some classes :-) I have decided that the greyhounds and Midi are were my heart is and have decided to start a blog up  its called Marvellous Midi- greyhound and Co and can be found here at I will be sharing our journey together so please pop over and have a look and you can find out all about Midi's first holiday to Cornwall a few days ago and what classes he won :-) I will still post on here from time to time to.

Thank you for all your comments on my last post I did say that I would share my finished summerhouse with you so here go's :-) Please click on the photo's and they will appear larger for you.

Painted a lovely shade of lilac my husband designed it and built it from recycled timber. I love the extra space it has provided and spend loads of time in there. I have a collection of cottage style plants, mixed with vegetables and herbs, the butterflies and bee's share my love for them to :-)

I have my 40's welsh dresser inside with a collection of my vintage books and some ornaments and some colourful crochet bunting I made last week. My 70's brown swivel chair come in here to it holds cushions made by me along with my lovely old wooden sideboard that I bought year's ago. A collection of vintage prints, 40's valve radio and vintage lamps and mirror help to make it cosy along with my own handmade crochet blankets and patchwork cushions.

 My 60's cream sofa sits the other side of the room with a collection of my handmade cushions etc.

And to the side of the sideboard sits my white 60's formica kitchen table two 50's chairs which we painted and then added new foam and spotty vinyl to I tend to use my sewing machine here its a nice calm space.

And then to the side of the sofa sits a little half moon 50's table with yet another vintage lamp on.

I filled an old metal colander with thyme and pretty bedding plants it makes a great planter.

I collection of vintage items, bellfast sink and step ladders hold more plants and herbs.
Its fair to say that I love my garden and the summerhouse has just made it such a magical place to be i spend most of my day here with Midi after the house work and baking etc has been done.

And i will end it here i am now popping over to Midi's blog to write a post there to. Be lovely to see you there if you fancy joining us.

Take lots of care and thank you,

Hugs dee xx


  1. I'm glad you're back Dee! The summer house looks amazing and I love your garden. Jo x

  2. Hi Dee, so sorry to hear your baby has had such a rough time. Boy they just slide right into our hearts and grab on and never let go.


  3. Your summer house looks absolutely beautiful, Dee, you have both worked so hard on it, and it has turned out to be a real haven of tranquility.
    Midi has had such a rough time of it, but I am sure you have worked your magic to help him get through it. Our pets just steal our hearts, don't they?
    Life is full of twists and turns, isn't it, you never know where you'll end up. Keep blogging, and keep in touch! xxxx

  4. Your house is so pretty. So warm and inviting. I know what you mean about pets changing your life. My dog, Pancake, was so attentive when I was ill that I called him Dr. Dog! I swear if he could cook he would have made chicken soup for me. Sending all good wishes for Midi.

  5. Your summer house is truly beautiful. I would love to sit in there & soak up the atmosphere. I'm sad to see your vintage blog end, but it's great that you have found a new passion & love for dogs like Midi. I struggle with how much to share on my blog too, especially when most of my life consists of my chronic illness. But blogging has been a lovely little sideline away from the sometimes difficult realities of living with M.E.
    Much love to you & all the best with your future endeavours. Xx

  6. How lovely that you and Midi have found each other and that you've found such a great purpose. Give Midi a hug for me.

    Your summer house is gorgeous and your garden absolutely enviable!

    Sarah xxx

  7. Oh Dee you must have been so distraught! Poor Midi,what a terrible shock.I hope he will continue to do well on the medication.
    On to happier things...your Summer house looks charming,you have a clever man there!..and the beautiful flowers too.You must love spending time in your garden.
    I'll look foward to reading your new blog Dee,take care,

    Bellaboo XXXX

  8. Him very glad Midi has you! You're doing a great job, so many animals are mistreated. Love what you've done to your summerhouse, fab! :) x

  9. I nearly missed this post! I love looking at your beautiful home and garden and am delighted to hear that Midi is doing well after such a horrible couple of weeks. How brilliant for him to have won the show, too!
    Don't ever stop blogging, will you? xxxx

  10. Oh Dee that summerhouse is so lovely, no wonder you spend all the time you possibly can in it. I had one quite similar in my last house that my boyfriend built for me and we often used to eat out there. It was best of all in the rain because you get to enjoy being part of the garden when all your neighbours have gone in.
    Midi is a little miracle. So glad that traumatic time had a happy ending. xxxx

  11. Your garden is magnificent, all the plants are roaring along and look so happy! Oh you're so lucky to have a beautiful summer house, it takes my breath away, it's so perfect!! I think I would be tempted to move in there, you've made it so homely and welcoming. I'm glad to hear Midi is doing well on his new meds and bravo to the old fella for winning prizes!! Big hugs to you dear friend. xoxoxoox

  12. Your summer house and garden are so beautiful Dee, if I could up it all and put it next to the sea I could happily live there forever I think. I'm glad Midi is bringing you so much peace and contentment, pets really can do that can't they? Your volunteer work sounds very rewarding, I hope to do something like that when my children are all older. I'll have to go over and look at your new blog. I think it's a good idea to have the two, then if your interest sparks again for this blog you can always come back to it. I can understand your reservations after what you went through with your last blog, sometimes I wish it was easier to make our blogs more private because the thought that anyone can see mine does inhibit me a bit. I hope you keep going with it, I came to your blog very late on (I've used the word blog an awful lot here haven't I) but I've enjoyed getting to know you through it. xx

  13. oooh I do love that summer house, looks like a wonderful place to work and relax. I'm already a big fan of Midi, has he got a girlfriend yet?

  14. So I want a Summer house...we don't have them here in Canada...what fun!