Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vintage living room goodies

Hi Everyone,

sorry I haven't been around much I have been out traveling about with friends and enjoying their company and the laptop has taken a back seat again. I thought I had better pull my finger out and write a little post just to keep my hand in really or I know the weeks will creep by. I have been changing more in the house and buying bits and pieces. This week I thought I would show my recent finds for my living room.

We took down the art deco affect wallpaper from the back wall and just painted the whole room cream which although a cold colour it shows of my Tretchoff's and Shabner prints a treat. And also having plain walls means you can brighten up everything by the use of bold textiles, and colours in your furniture etc.

My best buys so far this year for this room have to be my 70's Star burst fully working clock and 70's floor standing Rocket lamp.

I did a very small house clearance a few weeks ago and this was one of the items I took home it cost me next to nothing really as it came with a job lot of other things. I have been looking for one that was in my price range for the past couple of years and I was so excited to get it on the wall its a just a real work of art.
This little beauty was in a secondhand shop where I live and we were driving past the shop I nearly made my other half crash the car as I screamed so loud we stopped drove back and went in and it was priced at £18 I know nuts isn't it I grabbed it and nearly ran out of the shop :-)
In the same house that I got the clock in I bought the G-Plan style Bush Radiogram I have been after one like this for ages and it works great.

I am really happy with the living room now its full of colour and its bright, fun and cosy. I can't seem to stop making crochet blankets and I am currently making one for my sons 13th birthday later this month.

I picked up my little Rocket lamp from a friends house sale last year and I had it stored away but last week it came out and along with the floor standing one they look gorgeous at night time lit up.

I got this gorgeous puff from my friends house sale the other week its in amazing condition.

I got this little 60's wire fruit basket from ebay for £5 again its in amazing condition.
We went into Wales to pick up another ebay buy I love this magazine/table rack the top has a wonderful pattern in cream, black and bronze .
These German Vases came from another private sale I paid £5 for the 2 :-)
My vintage pink sofa is home to my first ever patchwork quilt I made by hand along with a varied pattern of cushions made by me from vintage sheets and curtains :-)

My husband made this little shelf and painted it blue for me it now holds my little 50's Murano glass animals

And that is it I am now off to make some mixed fruit Jam as I have run out and homemade cake tastes so much better with homemade Jam, then I am going to enjoy this lovely sunshine while it lasts a nice quiet day for me its been a manic couple of weeks.

I will catch up with you all tomorrow. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post.

Take lots of care dee xx


  1. Wonderful wonderful goodies
    You're right homemade cake with homemade jam!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Everything is just gorgeous! I especially love the gorgeous floor lamp - and I have a very similar clock!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Everything really does pop against plainer walls! It all looks so lovely together but with a contempory feel I think with the lighter walls. Some very lovely stuff you have there. I remember those cute glass animals. I am sure either me or my sister had an orange deer one when we were kids.

    Hope you have a fantastic quite day.

    P x

  4. You are so clever at finding these things Dee!
    Have fun making the jam,and then enjoy your cake with a nice cup of tea sitting in the sunshine.

    Bellaboo x

  5. Dee those lamps are fabulous.....With 2 of my friends we are starting up an estate sale business. So were doing our first sale coming up and I thought of you...the coolest light fixtures ever! they scream your home! take care, Heidi
    Your home is always a treasure trove of goodies...

  6. Hi sweet Dee! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your kind comment! Your home is beautiful and should be in a magazine! It is so vintage perfect! I especially love the pink sofa! Your hubby did a beautiful job with the shelf! Enjoy your cake, jam and sunshine! Love, Paula xo

  7. Those lamps are gorgeous! What a bargain!
    It took me years to realised walls look better white if you've lots of prints and patchwork, I wouldn't have it any other way now! xxx

  8. The house is looking amazing, all of your wonderful touches make it so wonderful.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Oh there are SO many wonderful things to look at! I LOVE your clock. We have a similar one which is one of my most prized possessions. I love the rocket lamps too. I would love to have one some day. The German vases are just gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing the snapshots of your home. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Xx

  10. The star burst clock is amazing......they are so hard to find here and incredibly expenses in vintage shops.
    Your living room is just so perfect and so many wonderful treasures.
    The little blue shelf is lovely for your collection.
    Have a truly scrumptious weekend Dee.
    love V

  11. What a lovely juicy post. There's so much to look at and admire and I love hearing about where you have found all your treasures.

    One of my earliest memories, when I was about two was of a star burst clock on the kitchen wall of a neighbour. I remember being mesmerised by it. They are a real style icon aren't they? I think Helga has one too.

    Glad to hear you have been out and about with friends, that's much better fun than being chained to a computer! xxxx

  12. Snap! Rocket lamps rule! The light they shed is second to none.
    I so love that you can write "my husband made this little shelf...", just makes me feel all happy inside!
    Have a great Bank Holiday.
    Big hugs
    Z xx

  13. I have a rocket lamp too. Dropped it quite a few times but it still works - luckily it was only £3 from a chazza. I used to have a clock like yours, I really miss it, but it went senile, don't ask. You living room looks great - and spooky again, we've got an old pouffe like yours too. Everyone should have an old pouffe. xxxxx

  14. Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO

  15. Oh Dee what an incredible, cozy room and look at that glorious sofa with the delicious cushions, the quilt, all that amazing crochet you've created. You are such a talent and it must be so lovely making such a lovely nest for you, hubby and the boys:) xoxoxo

  16. What a neat little room! I adore your sunburst clock for a little punch of modernization, and I also love how your blue shelf houses all your tiny glass things.

  17. It looks so cute and cosy! You have done a great job! xx

  18. Hello Sweetie, just catching up! I am a follower now so won't miss out on the party! I am in love with your coffee table!!! (But don't tell Mr Bea my heart belongs to another!) xxx

  19. Hello again Dee! I've not been on Blogger much at all for the past few weeks and have fallen so far behind in what all you lovely ladies here have been doing, but I'm so pleased to see you decided to start a new blog and not let anyone spoil things for you. I can't believe how industrious you are, you're always busy with something. You have such a beautiful cosy home, I agree that it should be featured in a magazine, you've obviously put loads of love into everything you've chosen and made. xx

  20. So many lovely things. I have the exact same magazine rack, even though I'm in NZ. The only difference is mine has a wood veneer top.