Friday, 10 May 2013

Two weeks of treasure hunting finds

Hi Everyone,

thank you for all your lovely comments about my front room and my home in last weeks post and to those that have said it should be in a magazine. I have been thinking of that for a while and maybe when the house is finished and the summerhouse has been finished and the inside restored back to what it was instead of a dumping ground for all my furniture that I have for sale I will think about it some more and maybe take the plunge and write in. I have been feeling really low this week and I feel at the moment I am a little lost in my direction my pitch isn't doing very well and I am struggling to sell in there and to be honest its getting to me I have to spend two mornings a week  there and although its a lovely place its not very busy and it makes me anxious every time I have to go not many people come in and I feel its not the right place for me I need to be somewhere that is upbeat and more lively which is why I love doing the fairs so much. I have paid up until the end of this month but I feel nervous about telling the owner plus I don't want to let the other sellers down but I know I have to think of my own needs first. So I think I  have to be a big girl and just say that im sorry but its not for me. And maybe I need to concentrate on selling at the fairs and doing more of them and try hard to start shifting some things I have so much stock its not even funny any day now I am sure the loft is going to say enough is enough and give way. I have also been struggling with my blog since having to give up writing my other one its stupid really but I put some much into it over the past 6 years it was like my baby and I have been thinking that maybe I have become boring with my writing. But I have to remember that when I first started writing it, it was about my vintage finds and my ever changing home I did put images of the fairs and me but I feel at this point in time I cant be as open and as free as I would like to be or I put myself at risk again. Anyway I think  I have moaned on enough here but thank you for listening sometimes you just need to get things of your chest. A problem shared is a problem halved so they say :-)

I thought I would share my recent finds over the past couple of weeks so here goes.

I found this lovely pink flamingo tapestry yesterday in a charity shop for the bargain price of £5 it was framed and mounted in the 1950's in London and I just love it. The colours are so pretty with there pinks, and baby blues and there is so much work and love that has gone into it .My husband isn't to sure mainly because he doesn't like tapestry's but I think it will grow on him :-)

On Sunday I went to Shepton Mallet flee market with my friends and it was huge over 400 vintage sellers it was a bit overwhelming to be honest but towards the end of the day I found what I have been searching for ages for my 50's umbrella stand ;-) She had £30 on it but she didn't want to take it home so I asked what her lowest price was and she said £15 happy days I can tell you. I skipped out of that field.

As many of you know I collect Taunton Vale this is a design and colour I don't have I bought the flour shaker off ebay and then managed to find the jug at a carboot sale for 50p couldn't believe it really it was meant to be :-)

This 60's salt and pepper stand was another great find and at £2.50 It came home with me its going to be great for picnics in the summer.

This biscuit barrel was a find while charity shopping with friends it was made by Babbacombe pottery who Toni Raymond was a designer for this a rare find and was made and designed by him before he took over the business with his wife and started putting his stamp mark on. A find at £5

A celery pot and tea strainer by Toni Raymond these were produced from 1967 these can sell for silly money on ebay. But I managed to get both for under £5 I just love the simple and fun designs.

I found this lovely Midwinter coffee pot for £2 in a charity shop couldn't believe the low price its never been used. I already had the matching sugar bowl so again it was meant to be I feel.

I bought these 2 60's tea towels from my friends house sale never been used I love the bright designs of them. 50p each :-)

And my 50's cat was a find from the flee market on Sunday I did pay a little bit for him but I just fell in love with his cheeky smile.

And last but not least for today some vintage wallpaper couldn't believe it when I stumbled across it by pure chance.

1970's loveliness well I think so ;-) two matching and another design in pale pinks and blues this will either be finding its way onto my front room walls or the hallway I haven't quite decided yet.

Thank you for reading today have a great weekend everyone.

take lots of care

Hugs dee xx


  1. Flowers everywhere...and biscuits! Who could pass by?! ^_^

  2. Oh I know exactly how you are feeling. The same low which gets me down too, I feel that after doing the few fairs I have done. As I was told you have to do what makes you feel happy (a certain person said that to me). I know what I want to do but its the how....... That tapestry was and excellent buy because you can still get that one, and just the tapestry without the wools is £30! Love the cat! I have a black one, is it a vase...? Because mine is the same shape.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Goodness what fabulous treasure you have been finding... enjoy, you lucky lucky girl! cX

  4. Wow what great finds! And hell what divine prices! Love the flowery tea towels, they're soo cute! xx Tani

  5. I think we all go through times of feeling low, a bit out of sorts wondering what else we should be doing. Our roles are changing all the time and it is hard to keep up. You are doing great, your house is looking fantastic, you are now married and so happy, your kids are doing well, take a deep breath and think about what makes you happy and do it, if that means leaving the space you are in then do it. You are going to be just fine,

  6. So sorry that your unit space is not working out. I guess with these things its trial and error and I am sure that if you leave there you will find your niche whether it be just selling at fairs or finding another unit in a more livelier place.

    Love your finds am particularly crushing on that cat so cute!

    Hope things sort themselves out for you.

    Take care.

    P x

  7. You are such a good hunter, my dear Dee.

  8. Oh Dee, sounds like you have a lot on your mind at the moment. I don't think your writing is boring at all. You give so much of yourself through it and your personality really comes through. In the words of David Soul, 'don't give up on us baby'.

    Re the unit, I must admit it was further out of town that I had initially thought and took a bit of finding, I had to ask a few locals to get there. You need somewhere slap bang in the middle of things or somewhere well known that attracts people. Do you know the Antiques Bazaar in Crewkerne? It's about 20 miles from you, but seems to attract a lot of people A few of those tv progs have discovered Crewkerne and it seems to be attracting out of towners a lot now.

    You have some great finds, in particular I love those tea towels. When you are ready to go in a magazine, get in touch, I have a contact who places housey articles in mags which I will pass on to you. xxx

  9. I'm so sorry you're down at the moment, Dee. I'm sure that once you've had a break from everything with a fantastic holiday in the sunshine, things will seem a lot better and brighter including your new blog.
    What a shame about the unit space and you're very wise to terminate and try again elsewhere. One of my friends is opening a similar venture in an affluent part of the Midlands, it's already staffed and very reasonably priced and it could be perfect for you - I'll pass the details on via email.
    Your finds are fabulous, as always! Love the ceramic cat and the umbrella stand must be the bargain of the century. xxx

  10. I'm sorry things haven't worked out in your shop. If you hadn't tried you would always have wondered, so at least you took the plunge and can now think of other directions. What about an Etsy shop, linked to your blog? This is something I have thought of doing. I think the internet is the way to go.
    I'm envious of your vintage wallpaper! xx

  11. I can't believe I used to have the transfers for that tapestry design when I was kid; used to iron them onto paper and colour them in!
    Such a shame your space is not how you'd hoped, but you gave it a go and maybe it's time to move to somewhere else. As much as we all hope to be all kind and lovely people, business is business, and you don't want to waste money on rent for a place that doesn't get enough footfall. Do wonder if the weather hasn't helped though?
    I'm totally in love with your brolly stand - what a wonderful piece of design. Makes rainy days so much more fun!
    Have a great weekend!
    Z xx

  12. Dee: I am sorry to hear you are down, and I do appreciate your situation. You love your treasures so much, but selling them is another game altogether. If you e-mail me your address, I will send you a song by Harry Chapin called "Mr. Tanner." It is appropriate for your situation and it just might help you make a decision. Be well.

  13. Oh Dee, I'm sorry you are feeling low at the moment. It does sound as though your selling space isn't right for you, but you couldn't know that before you tried, and yes, you have to do what's right for your business. You have great taste and excellent stock, so somewhere with a higher footfall would surely help you to sell. Fairs are good too, but you'd have to factor in all the fetching and carrying and how tiring that is for you...
    Whatever you decide, we are all right behind you! Don't lose heart with your blog either - we're here, we care and are interested in what you have to say and show us.
    Gorgeous finds, of course, the umbrella stand is wonderful!
    Have a good weekend, Dee. xxxx

  14. At least you tried ... maybe you need to try somewhere else or just focus on fairs. At least then you are not just relying on passing trade - people come to a fair because that is what they are interested in and they do buy.
    Your umbrella stand is gorgeous!
    M x

  15. Hi Dee, sorry to hear you've not been feeling too great lately, you sound a lot like me, worrying about how everyone else feels instead of yourself! As Curtise says, you gave the selling space a chance but if it's not working out you have to do what's right for you, or you'll lose heart in your business and that would be a real shame. It sounds like lots of the ladies here on Blogger know your area well and have lots of good advice about where to try next, so you're in safe hands with this lot I reckon. As for worrying about your blog being boring, I love reading it and obviously plenty of other people do too so you've no worries there. I can understand how you feel though, I've only done a few posts really and I already worry is it rubbish and why am I putting my random thoughts out there, I just have to remind myself I'm doing it for me and try not to think too hard about what anyone else thinks of it. And also must say what great stuff you found, I especially love the flamingo picture, it's gorgeous, and thank you for your lovely comment over at my blog. xx

  16. Oh Dee its always hard to know if you are doing the right thing.....but you are an amazing lady and I am sure that if you look into your heart you will make the perfect decision for you.
    Your finds are truly scrumptious...the wallpaper is such a great find.
    Take care sweet and I hope the blues are replaced with lots of sunshine soon.
    love V

  17. You must do what you feel is right in your heart.You are such a lovely kind lady and you don't want to let anyone down or hurt anyone's feelings.
    I hope you can find a unit in a better place.It must be frustrating when you put so much into it and then not many people come.
    Take care and have a lovely weekend.

    Bellaboo X

  18. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I am following you now on GFC and would love for you to follow me too XO

  19. I think if you don't feel comfortable then don't stay, although you can't expect instant success with your pitch. However, if you prefer doing fairs then stick to those. You've bought some great stuff, I have that celery pot! The umbrella stand is rather fantastic too! xxx

  20. Dee follow your heart and trust your gut....good advice given to me worked!!
    Wallpaper find is super duper...let me know if you want to sell a bit...
    Daisy xxx

  21. I adore the umbrella stand and the coffee pot.....oh I could just go on and on....I know how you feel about your blog I was feeling the same way for the last 2 months....I feel I'm just boring and I too feel very guarded and I don't open up the way I used too...which is very unlike me should not worry. about yours, you are just as inspiring to all of us as you ever were......Love Heidi
    Happy Mothers Day friend!

  22. Huzzah you are back! Yes, yes I know I'm late to the party, (fashionably so I hope!)
    I think you should go with your gut feeling over the pitch but I do know what you mean about hating to let people down.
    Absolutely love the umbrella stand and the cat.
    Hope you are feeling better soon x x

  23. You are so good at finding wonderful retro things, Dee. Just do what feels right for you.....follow your heart and enjoy your vintage hunting and selling in the way that is best for you.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  24. Oh wow, you found some great finds there Dee!Love that midwinter coffee pot.
    If it's not working out at the antqiue centre then don't be afraid to say so and do what seems best.
    have a good week Dee
    Gill xx

  25. It looks like you like to treasure hunt as much as I do have rubbed off on all your finds. Happy weekend. xo

  26. I love that kitty - I have just found a similar one and am planning a post around it (because I am a crazy cat lady!)

  27. Great finds - there is still plenty of lovely things out there at bargain I know to my cost!
    Best wishes