Thursday, 23 May 2013

Midi's Retro tastic handmade coat

Hi everyone,

I know 2 post in one week but I just wanted to show you what I made for midi yesterday. The coat he came with was just way to big and kept slipping around his neck and on his shoulders so I looked at it and thought I can make that. So out came some brown paper and a pencil  and I sketched a pattern.

I got out some wadding, a vintage sheet and some blue fleece fabric and this is what I made..

I made some binding out of blue and spot fabric and this actually took me the most time I have to say I hate sewing binding on especially doing corners its a right tricky business.
I lined the back with blue soft fleece and the middle has wadding to give him extra warmth when its cold. Greyhounds have no fur as such so need the layers.

And well this is Midi in his Retro doggie coat :-)

It fits him really well. I added a strap with Velcro to go around his tummy to hold it in place and also Velcro at the neck he seemed to like it and gave me a lovely cuddle :-)

Next up I will try and make him a waterproof one :-)

Well that really is it from me now for a couple of weeks Cyprus is calling me :-)

Take lots of care and see you all soon.

Hugs dee xx


  1. Midi looks really smart in his lovely new coat Dee,what a great idea to make one for him! I need to make one for Bella,one that covers under her tummy as well, as that's where she gets wet and dirty the most(being long-haired).
    Have a wonderful time in Cyprus and hopefully by the time you come back the weather will have improved.

    Bellaboo X

  2. Have a lovely honeymoon.
    Midi looks really smart.
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. He looks adorable, well done. Have a fantastic trip, rest, relax and have fun.

  4. I love it! I've seen it all now....I wonder if my cat would tolerate one??? :) x

  5. Excellent... he'll be good and cosy whilst it's dry.... could you try waxing it??

  6. I love Midi's vintage coat! He looks perfectly attired for accompanying you when you're out and about!
    Have the most fantastic time, lots of sun, great food and long, romantic strolls in the sunset! xxxxxxx

  7. O, it's such a darling coat!
    Midi looks quite the sweetie. Al greyhounds I have met have been just lovely. What great company he'll be for you!
    Enjoy your trip, sweetheart! XXX

  8. Oh, bless your vintage attired dog! You are going to get lots of admiring glances! xx

  9. My goodness, Dee. I think only a kind, sweet person like you could even attempt to dress my dog in that outfit. As an animal lover, you might be able to accomplish your goal because dogs have such good instincts about people, but you would never get a "lovely cuddle"! Cheers.

  10. You GO!...Retro dog clothes maker!! ^_^ And Midi takes such a good side profile shot!

  11. I love it, now that chap is in are so amazing! Heidi

  12. Midi looks adorable in his new coat. Have the most wonderful time Dee! xxxx

  13. Oh sweet that is just fabulous.......puppy dog will be as snug as a bug.
    I love the fabric.....I am with you, I was trying to sew bias binding last week on the machine, gave up and did it by hand.
    Have a wonderful break.
    Love V

  14. A vintage wardrobe for Midi!
    Have a fabulous holiday, Dee. xxxx

  15. Oh me oh darling....your pup looks adorable. xox

  16. Midi looks gorgeous in his amazing new coat Dee, you're so clever!! I do hope you and your love are having a joyful, hedonistic, filthy-wicked honeymoon on Cyprus!!!! xoxox

  17. Very clever
    Have a warm and restful holiday
    Best wishs

  18. You are amazing Dee! Lucky Midi! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    Helen x