Monday, 20 May 2013

Midi the retired Greyhound

Morning everyone,

I seem to have missed a week in blogland it has just flown by. Thank you for all your comments and advice on my last post you all helped me greatly and I have given notice with my pitch i am there for another 2 weeks then i will be concentrating on the fairs and another certain someone. We are in the process of adopting a retired greyhound called Midi. We saw him a couple of weeks ago and it was love at first site. He is 4 years old and did well during his racing career now he is looking for his forever home and i am happy to say he has found it with us. Last Friday he came over to meet our cat Timmy as we didn't know how Midi would react to him being a dog used to chasing small furry animals but i am so pleased to say that while he was in his cage there was a sniff from both of them and a little whine from him after  Timmy hissed at him. But the signs were good so yesterday we went and picked  him up to stay with us for a few days. And he has been a star so far. When Timmy and him are in the same area we have to put the muzzle on him for a few weeks until Midi knows that Timmy is part of the family but the signs are good ones. We took him for a lovely walk on the hills yesterday and he is brilliant on the lead he doesn't pull at all we even met the wild horses with their fowls and again he just looked and walked straight by them quietly :-) He seemed to understand that we had to be gentle and calm. So here is Midi's day yesterday...

Midi finding his bed for the first time and just chilling

I am a boy you know and you have given me vintage pink bedding but aahhh what the heck its lovely and soft ;-)

Setting off on our walk with my new mum ;-) I could hear the birds singing it was brilliant.

Just check out that view

What i am being good i am looking at the hills with my dad and hold on what's that i can see in the distance......

Wow, now i am big but those wild horses are much bigger than me :-)

But ahhhh look at this one its only a baby ;-) And i was so good when i walked past

I had a great day but its nice to be home and in my bed :-)

Midi really has been a good boy so far he slept all night to and then when the alarm went off at 6am and mum said morning Midi i got up and trotted over to her bed to kiss my mum and dad good morning before going downstairs very carefully as those stairs are very high and its the first time in my life i have seen them. To have my breakfast and my medication as sadly i suffer with epilepsy but i don't let it bother me :-) 

I am off for another walk in a minute when my mum is ready. Right Midi my time to talk now... So that's it from me for another week in fact that's me for a few weeks now as next week i am off on my honeymoon for 2 whole weeks to Cyprus and i cant wait i am so looking forward to seeing the sunshine and being able to swim in the sea. We will be adopting Midi just before we go and then when we come home we will pick him up and he will be here to stay forever and i cant wait for that either.

I will catch up with you all over the next couple of days i know i have missed loads.

Take lots of care and see you all again in a few weeks time.

Hugs dee xx


  1. Midi will be writing his own blog soon! He is gorgeous Dee, I will have to come and say hello to him.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Oh, I'm jealous! They are such sweet natured creatures and so soft to touch. I'd love a dog but I fear Bad Bobby would be more of a threat to the dog than the other way round. He's so jealous. xxx

  3. I'm sure Midi is going to really love his new home with such loving owners,and will soon settle with Timmy once he's there for good.
    Lots for you to look forward to, I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon in Cyprus Dee.
    Gill xx

  4. He's lovely, and I'm glad he has found your lovely home to retire to! Hope Timmy stops hissing soon! :) x

  5. Midi is so beautiful and I am so happy that you have found each other. He will be a beautiful gift for when you come home, have a fantastic trip, relax and enjoy your time.

  6. Midi looks a gorgeous boy; some neighbours of ours have rescue greyhounds and they have all been lovely gentle dogs. He's fallen on his paws finding a home with you, Dee!
    Enjoy your honeymoon, how exciting! xxx

  7. Midi looks like a gorgeous addition to your family. I am sure you will have a wonderful time getting to know each other.

    Ooo have fun on your honeymoon. I sounds nice swimming and sunshine.

    P x

  8. My friend Liz only ever adopts retired greyhounds and whippets she has had many over the years and the ones I have known have been incredibly soppy though a bit needy for attention. Midi looks a cutie.

  9. You are going to have such a lovely life with Midi,he will be your soul mate and give you so much love and affection.He's gorgeous!
    So happy you have found each other Dee.
    Have a happy week.

    Bellaboo X and a 'woof' to Midi from Bella!

  10. He is so very lucky having you both to love and be loved.

  11. Congratulations on your new family member. :-) I look forward to seeing what he gets into!! ^_^

  12. I love greyhounds, such elegant and gentle dogs! I'm so glad Midi and Timmy are getting along well.
    Have a wonderful honeymoon! xxxx

  13. Hello sweet Dee! Thank you for your visit and lovely comment! Oh sweetie! I love Midi and I am so happy for you and for him! I loved his post!!! Tell him I think he is so handsome and sweet and please give him kisses and a hug from me! I can see he is a real sweetheart and very happy to have a home and I think he loves his vintage pink bedding! My boy doggies don't mind pink either. They were both rescued too and are so happy to have a home! I loved the beautiful view from your walk and seeing the horses too! Midi is going to have the best life with you both! I love that last photo of him! Pure bliss! So sorry to hear he has epilepsy! Bless his heart! I am glad he does well though. I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful and happy honeymoon! I know the two of you will have a happy life together and with sweet Midi! I look forward to your return and seeing more of Midi! Have a lovely week sweetie! Love, Paula

  14. Aaaw he looks to be a sweetie!!

  15. Midi's such a handsome boy Dee, I always wanted a rescue greyhound, they seem such gentle natured dogs, but Pat doesn't like them so I've never been able to have one. That looks such a beautiful walk, being able to see wild horses would be so fantastic. Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon, two weeks in Cyprus sounds like heaven, my daughter is off to Greece soon with her friends. xx

  16. Isn't he gorgeous? What a sweetie. I love the way they contort themselves when they sleep and the foldy legs. Ruby is like that on a much smaller scale. He's got a very smiley face, I bet he can't believe his luck going to live with you xxx

  17. Hello Midi! What a sweet fellow he has turned out to be. Hope he and Timmy find a way to get along then you can be one big happy family. Have a lovely time on your honeymoon, eat, drink relax and enjoy! xxx

  18. Hi Midi!!!! I have always had a soft spot for these gentle giants I'm so happy you adopted him! I hope all continues to go smoothly with the kitty. He is a real handsome dude! Enjoy your honeymoon dear you only get one!