Monday, 15 April 2013

Retro kitchen transformation has started

Hi Everyone,

well after the past few months upset I have taken the plunge to start up another blog after 6 years with building up my last one it comes with a  bit of sadness but I am hoping you will all have missed me and be ready to share the next chapter with me. I have made a few changes for reasons I am sure you will understand and doesn't need me to explain. Well anyway here goes.... ;-)

The past couple of weeks have seen many changes in our household mostly on the decorating front from our bedroom which is now supporting scrummy 70's wallpaper to I have to say our Retro tastic kitchen :-) And its this room that I am going to share with you first. As those of you that know and have followed me for the past few year's I have slowly been gathering 50's glass wall cabinets and larders well last week the dinning side of the kitchen had a complete makeover and I am so pleased and excited with it I love it and hope you do to :-)

This is the before photo

I have been buying vintage wallpaper and other bits and pieces over the past few months until  I would need them. This is the 1960's paper that I bought a few months back

And this is the 1950's blue larder

Before its make over
And this is one of the 1950's glass wall cabinets before its makeover,

Here are a few vintage goodies that I have found just lately to,
I found these 60's tins in Worcester last week when I went up to visit my parents they are metal and the lids screw on in wonderful condition at £2.50 for the two I was smiling for hours after ;-)

It was love at first site with this little pot made in 1962 by Goebel a West German company at £1.00 it's images are lovely the other side has a little girl with a cat and mouse.

This little pot stand was being thrown out by someone so I quickly rescued it and its sitting nicely on my kitchen worktop now.

And I have been after a good set of vintage 70's saucepans for ages these came up on Ebay but I did pay £40 including postage. There made of enamel and in great condition. :-)

And well are you ready to see the Kitchen diner transformation now :-) Here goes.....
I am so very pleased with it. You have a picture in your mind but its only when you put it together does it really work and its so much better than I thought it was going to be. The wall paper gives it such a retro feel and it makes it look so much better and its so warm and cosy. I had great fun putting all my food into the Red larder cabinet I tell you what there like a little Mary poppins bag they hold loads :-) We painted my existing 50's wall cabinet Red as well which works great. Next up was to remover the kitchen wall cabinets this is the before photo...

I hated it with a passion but the wall cabinets are no more :-)

Now it looks like this ;-) The walls have been repainted another shade of yellow and the wall cabinets are off. This one and only very large 50's cabinet has taken there place this was cream and the doors were a horrible brown. Now painted red and the inside cream. Again its amazing how much these 50's cupboards can hold.

And on the other wall this was the peach cupboard from further in the post. Now a lovely shade of red ;-) Now all that is left to do is get 50's style doors made for my bottom cupboards these will also be painted red. We were going to replace them with the free standing 50's units I have collected but I decided against it as I would loose to much work top space. But they will all be re done and then sold on all fresh and new looking.

And well that is it for now. I will be catching up with you and your blogs this week.

Take lots of care,

Hugs dee xx


  1. Dee, so glad you are posting and that I can keep up with you again.
    Sending you a hug,

  2. Good to see you posting again :)

    Loving the new kitchen - just a perfect space to enjoy.

  3. Lovely to have you back! The kitchen is absolutely wonderful, you have worked hard. It's worthy of being used a film location! xxx

  4. Glad to find you, Delia.

  5. Great to have you back. Loving the new buys, especially the pan set! xx

    Darling, it's all looking rather marvellous, and your new scores are perfect! So pleased we've got you back!

  7. I just found you and I deeply admire your good taste and creativity for decoration, you did an excellent job!

  8. It looks amazing, Dee, well done to you and the Mr.
    Glad you started a new blog, it seemed such a shame to let one awful person spoil your fun - and ours! xxxx

  9. The kitchen looks great! It's so lovely to have you back! Xxxx

  10. I am simply overjoyed you've decided to stick your finger up to the spoiler coz I miss you!! I am amazed at your kitchen transformation, I absolutely ADORE the new red wall cabinets, they make me want to spend the whole day in there! Big hugs darling, Desiree xoxoxo

  11. Lovely to see you back. Love your kitchen.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  12. Dee: You have made this blogger very happy. Your blog was always a place of refuge for a tired warrior who loves his family and just wants to live in peace. You bring back very happy memories of times of less strife, and I am so glad you are back. Your home is beautiful, and thank you!

  13. Thank you right back for following Love Lemon! I love your kitchen! xx

  14. Lovely and colourful - a cheery sight and cheery site!
    Best wishes

  15. GORGEOUS!!! So glad you are still here, doing what you love, Dee! Any chance of bigger pics for the old blind ladies like me who can't see a thing!??

    HUGS! Sarah xxx

  16. Fab kitchen! Good to see you back ...
    M x

  17. I am definitely loving it

  18. Dee its amazing....I love the red and those cabinets are my favorite style!
    Everything fits together like it was all just meant to be....Heidi
    p.s. enjoy all your hard work!

  19. Great to see you back with vengeance Dee - your kitchen looks amazing! You have obviously been working your socks off. I love that Goebel jar you got for a pound. What a bargain!!! xxxx

  20. Love it all! Especially those pans... great that they're on display! xxx

  21. I really need one of these wall cabinets! Love what you've done! :) x