Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I am now on instagram


I thought I would let you all know that I have now joined instagram if you would like to join me you can find me here at

Where I post just a daily photo of my vintage delights, our new home, animals, countryside just little snippets about my daily life.

My first ever Pantry

Be lovely to see you there.

Hugs dee xx

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

As this blog ends a new journey begins

Hi Everyone,

goodness its been a while since I was here and so much has happened over the past few months I don't know where to start really. But back in February the house we were moving to fell through we signed the papers on the Saturday and then on the Sunday we found ourselves outside my dream cottage and home. A friend of my husbands asked us to meet him at an address as he was clearing a house and there may be a few things that I might like. We turn up at the address and my jaw hits the floor when we pull up outside this gorgeous little cottage called Hazelmere built in the 1950's as a gift by the daughter's parents and given to her on her wedding day. The happy couple lived there all there lives until sadly Bill died a few years ago and Dil kept having falls and is now living in a nursing home. The cottage has remained empty for the past 2 and half years and nothing has changed there in all those years its like a little time warp, with open fires, a front and back room and it even has a walk in larder I just walked around it and its 2.5 acres of land in a bit of a daze falling more and more in love with it. We joked about renting it there and then but nothing came of it until 2 months ago when we happened to drive past it and it looked so sad and lonely and so over grown I just wanted to wrap my arms around it and bring it back to life. We had since found out it had been left to my husbands friends wife and her sister and brothers. So to cut a long story short 2 months ago I emailed them asking if it was at all possible if we could rent it for 2 years and that we would be prepared to do all the interior and exterior decoration and work for a slightly reduced rent. I said how much I adored it and wanted to bring it back to love and life. That as a little girl its the house I always dreamed one day I would like to live in that I had found my prince charming and that Hazelmere would be another fairy tale and dream for me. That I would give up my life assured tenancy to live the dream for 2 years. My husbands friend has since decided to buy it from the family as a buy to rent for us and its still going through and is now in the hands of the bank.

Since this time we have been given permission to start clearing the vegetable patch and making it into our own now the grass when we started was up to our knees. Also at the same time I was finely given an allotment space after having my name down on a waiting list. I was torn between the 2 which did I friends husband said to start up at Hazelmere so that's what we have done its been a little roller coaster of a ride the past few months but I am a huge believer in Fate and things being meant to be. I also found a sampler while on a trip to Bath with some friends and have this week finished it and had it framed ready to go in the hallway of our new home. I am hoping now its finished it will be the positive omen I believe it to be. And the allotment is currently on hold.

And to be honest this is where I am going to end this blog  Vintage Retro Delights evolved from Dee Dees Vintage Retro Delights and I feel I have given all I can here. My life has changed in so many positive ways since I first starting blogging 5 years ago and I have been so lucky to have made some great friends from it. Its changed a lot since and a lot of bloggers I first followed have since stopped blogging and I lost a lot of followers when I had to delete my other blog over night. And now I feel its time to start another journal and have just set up another blog called Dee Dees Vegetable Patch Diary's and Others Tales you can find it here

I have decided to step away from the Vintage scene a bit I will still be organising my Vintage and Handmade Fairs in Taunton but only 3 a year and I will no longer be selling vintage goodies on line or selling at many fairs. I will instead be sharing my vegetable patch journey along with our fingers crossed house move to Hazelmere and its transformation ( Of course it will all be vintage and I have been squirreling 60s and 70s wallpaper away I will never stop loving or using everything vintage its a way of life for me ) And other tales of beach and woodland walks with our hounds I suppose it will be a lot more personal.

The Good life is calling and my little small holding is waiting in the wings just to be given the nod. I hope you will join me over on my new blog  (link is above )  And enjoy sharing the next chapter with me.

Thank you everyone for visiting me and taking the time to leave comments over the years.

I will leave this blog open but this will be my last post here.

Best wishes to you all

Love and hugs Dee xx

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dee Dees Vintage and Handmade Fairs remembers the 70th Anniversary VE Day Event

Hi Everyone,

thank you for the comments and the visits on my last post. I cant believe its Wednesday already this week is flying by. I thought I would share my next event with you. As some of you know I have been running Vintage and Handmade Fairs in Taunton, Somerset for the past 3 years. They always have a theme and are small, personal and very friendly.  Our next one is this Saturday 9th May at West Monkton Village Hall, Monkton Heathfield, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 8NE.  This is a special fair to help mark the 70th Anniversary of VE Day ( the end of WW11 in Europe ) Doors open at 10.30am-4pm. Entry fee is £1 adults and children Free.

We have a wonderful collection of Vintage and Handmade Sellers all cherry picked to bring you top Vintage goodies and high class handmade items from local artisan sellers. Each one unique and different from one another. To bring a good class of items and lovely variety to.

Bona boo Vintage is just one of our fabulous sellers

As well as our lovely vintage and handmade sellers this time we are really pleased to have the Upottery Living History Group joining us. from the Upottery Airfield Living History and Heritage Centre.

RAF Upottery is a WWII airfield located near Honiton in Smeatharpe, Devon, United Kingdom. Built in 1943 and opened in 1944 played a vital role in operation Overlord, D-Day 6th June 1944. The airfield launched over 80 C47 aircraft and gliders headed for Normandy, France, spearheading the invasion carrying U.S. Airborne troops of the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions including E Company 506th PIR, made famous in Steven Speilberg's 'Band of Brothers' Miniseries.

The airfield was also the base for the 9th US Air Force as well as the 439th Troop carrier Group.
The South West Airfields Heritage Trust preserve the history of this fascinating airfield today with a heritage centre and living history group. Our Heritage centre, located half a mile east of the runway inside a restored WWII Nissen hut showcases original artefacts, stories and photographs making it a must visit attraction in the area.
 Their Living history group, SWAHT Re-enactment attends many events across the UK portraying the 9th USAAF, and 101st Airborne 506PIR 2nd Battalion who flew to Normandy from Upottery and 3rd Battalion 506 who flew from Exeter airfield, preserving the history and memories and stories of those who flew from our airfields and those who would never return home.
Also joining us is Kevin Drake he is a fabulous Home Guard re-enactor and his display is amazing we were lucky to have him join us last year at our D Day event.
We also have a few military vehicles and classic cars attending including this 1943 Austin Light Utility vehicle.
We have Elizabeth bringing her collection of Land Army Girl Memorabilia and representing the Land Army Girls at Large group.
Live walk about music from the fabulous Arthur Cook from Blitz and Peaces
Arthur will be singing original WW11 songs and playing his collection of original instruments he is such a fabulous Chap.
We have some lovely handmade work shops taking place to from Hatty's Attic this is her time table for the day.
11am - How to make a 30cm drum lampshade
12.30pm - 2.30pm - Using the fantastic Autentico Paint products you can transform a picture frame to take home, FREE!
3pm - 3.30pm Advanced painting techniques
Find me outside in the marquee.
I look forward to seeing you there

Also joining us  Is Lyn from Lots of Love and her friend Samantha from Reloved.  Lyn will be offering free demonstrations on basic upholstery by teaching you to make a fabric Noticeboard. They will both also be running... a children's workshop where for a small fee they will be able to make items using new & recycled items from the Taunton Community Scrapstore.

We have also the fabulous Rainbow Gecko - Face Painting and Bubbles Beautiful Lucy will be ready to paint your face with some wonderful designs and her partner Mike will be ready to entertain you with his giant size bubbles. They are an amazing team and just before Christmas they travelled over to India to take part in an international Bubble Carnival the size of those bubbles will astound you.

Beautiful Sally Light with her unique bicycling button museum will also be there. As this special Fair will be remembering VE day, she would like to invite visitors to help her identify some of the buttons from her WWII collection. She is also inviting 'uniform' memories/anecdotes from individuals who have worn uniform buttons of any description, to add to the button stories that she is collecting.

Gorgeous Zoe-ann from Cybels Vintage Hire is very kindly donating some of her beautiful vintage china and is decorating and using her styling skills to transform our tea room for the day. She is also helping to run our lovely tea room on the day along side the wonderful brainwave ladies.  Serving scrummy home made cakes and refreshments all the funds from our Tea room will again be going to Brainwave

And if its something warm you would like to eat Phil from the Red Tricycle will be running a lovely BBQ and serving his lovely Artisan Icecream

And lots more. 

 Please pop over to my events page to keep up to date with all the details

 And At 3pm when Sir Winston Church Hill addressed the nation to inform them that War in Europe was at an end there will be 70 red, white and blue balloons released by a special couple who celebrated their 62 wedding anniversary this year and who also had jobs in their teens to help the war effort. There will also be a little sing a long from Arthur to help mark this occasion and for us to say thank you to those that gave their lives to give us the freedom we have today.

If you are local and would like to join us in celebrating this special event it will be great to see you.

Fingers are crossed that its a dry day :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone,

Best wishes

Dee xx


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Changes and Special Souls

Hi Everyone,

thank you for those that kindly left messages on my last post and to those that visited. Its been a little while again since I was here I tend to have a love hate relationship with my blog these days. Its been a busy few weeks again for us and we had to make some decisions and hard choices to. Sadly our house move fell through when we only had 2 weeks until we were due to move and during that same week our dear old greyhound boy Ted went blind in the night we took him to see our vet and he collapsed he had received a haemorrhage behind the eyes and she advised us it was his time to go. We only had Ted for 5 months he was 12 and half and had been a neglect case he was in such a sorry state when he came to us he couldn't even stand properly let alone walk and was in so much pain. But with lots of TLC we got him walking, eating and enjoying life again to see him on the beach for the first time was a joy to behold he was in complete awe he had such a deep old soul and was so sweet, soft and gentle a real old gentleman and he is greatly missed daily as is our other boy Midi who died of epilepsy a few months ago to. These greyhounds sneak into your hearts and no matter how old they are or how poorly and how much it hurts when they go to soon I will never stop helping them. I have my girls Milly and Kia still and they are such a joy although Kia at the age of 11 is losing her sight even more but providing we don't move furniture she copes well.

And well I didn't mean to talk so much about the dogs. Due to the house move falling though and then finding another lovely house but realising it was to far for our son to commute we decided that things were happening for a reason and maybe we were meant to stay where we are for another couple of years so that's what we are doing. We have gradually moved our things back in and decided our front room needed a little makeover to give us a lift. So out came the rolls of original 1970's wallpaper we had found, 70s curtains, I made some new cushions from vintage fabrics. We found a 70s tiled coffee table rubbed it down and stained it and also a little tiled side table. We have yet to buy some new internal doors and flooring but for now its light, bright and fun and we love it :-)

The new look

The Before photo

I made new cushions from Vintage barkcloth

You can just spy the new coffee tiled table

I bought a new lamp shade for my parents old wooden lamp base the shade is made from 70s green floral fabric

I just adore the paper its bold, bright and fun

Love my little collection of chance glass hankie vases

The 70s green curtains add to the lightness of the room you would think it would all clash horribly and to some you would probably say it does but I think it all blends lovely :-)

I am always on the look out for more little Murano glass animals to add my growing collection.

So with just a lick of paint, adding some wallpaper to the walls, adding new curtains and cushions and a few pieces of furniture its amazing how quickly you can transform a room :-)

Please excuse Milly this corner is just for the hounds but we managed to find this fabulous Don Quixote print by Paynton.

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha  is a Spanish novel. It follows the adventures of a nameless hidalgo (at the end of Part II he is given the name Alonso Quixano) who reads so many chivalric romances that he loses his sanity and decides to set out to revive chivalry, undo wrongs, and bring justice to the world, under the name Don Quixote. He recruits a simple farmer, Sancho Panza, as his squire, who often employs a unique, earthy wit in dealing with Don Quixote's rhetorical orations on antiquated knighthood. Don Quixote, in the first part of the book, does not see the world for what it is, and prefers to imagine that he is living out a knightly story.

Its a fabulous print and you can just imagine the adventures they got up to :-)

This weekend I will be trading some of my vintage retro delights at the fabulous Roxy vintage and Handmade Fair  at St Andrews Church House, Cheddar. Doors open at 9.30am-3pm.  So if your in the area why not pop along and say hello :-)

I will be back next week to tell you all about my own fairs that I organise my main event this year is our VE event on Saturday 9th May there is so much taking place but I will fill you in next week but in the mean time why not pop along to my events page here at and you can find out more.

And that's it from me time to walk the girls,

Have a lovely week

Love and hugs dee xx

In Memory of Ted a special soul..gone but always in our hearts

Monday, 9 March 2015

Its time for change and a move

Hi Everyone,

its been a few weeks again since I was last here. Been a busy few weeks. It was my first Vintage and Handmade Fair 2 weeks ago and it was so lovely to see so many people happy and enjoying the day. Lots of  bags walked out that day full with lot's of lovely vintage goodies. If you would like to see the photo's then please head over to my events page at  you can also find out the details about my next event on 9th May to help mark the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War 2 in Europe.

So after 16 years its all time for change in our home I cant believe I am giving up my gorgeous kitchen with its 60s wallpaper and my wonderful summer house. But the boys are now older and I no longer need to be close to town or the schools. And the time is right we have signed the papers and will be moving to the country over the next few weeks :-) I cant wait to get back to nature and the peace and the quiet. Being able to see the stars at night and listen to the birds. I have field views from every window in the house. I will be able to step outside my door walk across the road with the dogs and step right into the fields :-) Now the nerves and the detachment have been broken about leaving the family home of 16 yrs I am really excited.

So that little house at the other side of the field will soon fingers crossed be our new home :-) I have a little folder of ideas of how we would like to decorate it. But first we have to rip up carpets and paint it through out before we move our things in. I will be putting a new twist on things for me its going to be cottage/Retro style so you will have to watch this space :-)

I have been squirreling away Vintage wall paper rolls and here are just 2 of the 70's wallpaper's that I have to chose from for the lounge not sure which to use yet.

I have also selected the colours I will be using here are my choice of 2 sets of curtains I can use again not sure which pair to use yet.

50s Barkcloth in shades of red, yellow and greens or

These lovely 70's green flower ones it may be these. I have also made some pretty crochet cushions so you will get an idea of the colours...

I backed them in lovely cream fleece.

I also made 4 cushions from this lovely 50's barkcloth fabric and backed them in thick cream calico.

So you can kind of see the theme I have going on for the lounge.

Its fun being able to make and design for new rooms again I think after 16 years in the same house it can get a bit stale but its been a wonderful place to raise my boys and I am excited about the next chapter in our lives.

As its a smaller property I am having to down size and I have decided to have a sale in my etsy shop here at    all my Vintage Dresses have now been reduced to £10 each just click on my shop link and go to the Sale section to find all these lovely dresses for sale.

I reduced these last night and the 60's green sequined twin set top right corner has now sold but all the others are still available so grab yourselves a bargain :-)

Thank you to those of you that kindly took the time to leave a comment on my last post and thank you to those that continue to read it.

Take lots of care

Hugs Dee xx

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Opps another 60's Larder and some Vintage Finds

Hi Everyone,

thought I would check in with you again the weeks are going by so quickly already. I am glad we are into February already though the nights are already drawing out and its still light at 5pm :-) I am not a winter person I feel the cold and it effects my joints I live with a condition called fibromyalgia and the cold doesn't help at all I dream of warmer days which is probably why I always try and surround myself with colour in my home. And talking about home I have been busy the past few weeks sourcing out new vintage goodies for my home and also for my etsy shop and the Vintage fair's I will be selling at this year the first one being my own on the 1st March. You can view all my fair dates of the fairs that I run and organise further down my blog page.

Last year I managed to come across another 60's larder I love these gorgeous pieces of furniture and if I find one its hard to leave it there. This time I spied this one in some ones garage luckily my hubbys parents new the lady and asked if she wanted to sell it, she said yes and home it come well last week it did, its been sat in my parent in law's garage until now. Its now sat in our summer house waiting to have a magical make over by my lovely painter and decorator hubby.

This is such a sweet larder and the difference between this one and all my others is that its a slim one and not full size :-) So it will just fit right into any little corner you have. Its in lovely condition but next time you see her she will have been striped back and painted a lovely shade of red to go in my kitchen and also be lined inside with vintage wallpaper.

You can view her size better by having the front dropped. Cant wait to see her transformed :-)

I have had some lovely finds this year so far here are just a few items that I decided to keep for myself and not sell on.

This is a fabulous set of 6 Mugs made in the 1970's by Kiln Craft I just adore the colours and the designs. Click on the photo's and they will appear larger.

I found these last weekend and oh boy it was love at first sight 1970's enamel stock pots these are going into our Caravan Bertie just his colours :-)

This lovely Sunflowers Pyrex butter dish didn't make it out of my kitchen :-) I seem to have another collection going on and have gradually been collecting pyrex I will share my collection next time.

I was really pleased to find these 70's set of 6 glasses as it was my collection of 50's and 60's glasses that were smashed on news years day.

Another Taunton Vale Tray to add to my ever growing collection of Taunton Vale this is a colour design that I don't have but I do have the pattern in red on a canister.

Hornsea ware not something that I have collected or really looked at with any real interest until lately but I really do love the simple pattern on this Saffron Coffee Pot designed by John Clappison. I think there will be some more finding home with me.

And I couldn't resist this Taunton Vale work top resting tray. This was there signature pattern and called Daisy it comes in 4 different colour ways, orange, yellow, dark blue and light blue. This is my favourite design out of them all.

And that's it for this week but I do have lots of lovely vintage goodies listed in my etsy shop here at

All these lovely items are for sale in my etsy shop just click on the link above. Taunton Vale blue daisy design soap dish, 50's letter rack, 70's Pontessa tea pot,70's curtains, 50's empire small dessert bowls, 60's plastic canisters, 70's cups and saucers, 60's Strev Boy Print, 70's tea cup trios, 50's white ceramic swans, Taunton Vale rolling pin and 70's curtains.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post and also thank you for those that stop by and read my posts but don't leave comments its nice if you do though :-)

Have a lovely week,

Hugs dee xx